Columbia release Santana’s tenth studio album : ‘Marathon’ featuring ‘You Know That I Love You’ (1979)

Santana’s ‘Marathon’ is their tenth studio album featuring Alex Ligertwood as a singer, released in September 1979 by Columbia.

Track Listing : 1.Marathon (Carlos Santana) – 01:28 . 2.Lightning In The Sky (Carlos Santana, Chris Solberg) – 03:52 . 3.Aqua Marine (Pasqua, Carlos Santana) – 05:35 . 4.You Know That I Love You (Alex Ligertwood, Alan Pasqua, Carlos Santana) – 04:26 . 5.All I Ever Wanted (Alex Ligertwood, Carlos Santana, Chris Solberg) – 04:02 . 6.Stand Up (Carlos Santana, Chris Solberg) – 04:02 . 7.Runnin’ (David Margen) – 01:39 . 8.Summer Lady (Alex Ligertwood, Alan Pasqua, Chris Solberg) – 04:23 . 9.Love (Carlos Santana, Chris Solberg) – 03:22 . 10.Stay (Beside Me) (Carlos Santana) – 03:50 . 11.Hard Times (Alex Ligertwood, David Margen, Alan Pasqua) – 03:57

Musicians : Alex Ligertwood – Vocals . Carlos Santana – Guitars, Backing Vocals . Chris Solberg – Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals . Alan Pasqua – Keyboards . David Margen – Bass . Graham Lear – Drums . Armando Peraza – Percussion (Timbales) . Raul Rekow – Percussion (Congas)

Production : Produced By Keith Olsen, Santana, David De Vore . David Devore – Engineer . Joe Gastwirt – Mastering . Stuart Graham – Engineer . Charlie Hampton – Calligraphy . Chris Minto – Engineer

Package : Mick Brigden – Design Coordinator . Dennis Callahan – Photography . Joe Reagoso – Liner Notes

Recorded 1979.

Released In September 1979 By Columbia.


Wilson & Alroy’s Record Reviews
At this point Santana dumped Greg Walker and brought in vocalist Alexander Ligertwood, a macho Bobby Tench imitator who’s set off by a shriller tenor and an even blander style. Thanks either to him or producer Keith Olsen, the band suddenly focused itself on extraordinarily crafted, but faceless arena rock: screeching guitars, feel-good synths, slick harmonies, a politely pounding rhythm section […]
Not really essential, this album is the first one chronologically I wouldn’t recommend unless an unconditional Santana fan. In the 70’s, they had put out two or three albums which weren’t as strong (Festival for example), but this album is weak. […]

tallred0 @ RateYourMusic
Typical mid-70’s Release from SantanaGreat, blistering guitar work throughout but this one is a bit more restrained. I find myself listening to it more than some others though. Not sure why since some of the tracks are not very memorable. […]


Santana’s ‘Marathon’


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