‘Vous Avez Dit Bizarre’ N°623 – Vintage 2000s Music Videos

Bizarre Quotes • There's a kindness in her eyes, there's no darkness in disguise (Richard Hawley) • I pray this pain will go away (Taproot) • Let's not fight, I'm tired, can't we just sleep tonight? (Sia) • Until there was nobody really there (Sea Power) • By that look on your face, I may have forced the scale to tip (Avenged Sevenfold) • Sooner or later we will melt together (Super Furry Animals) •

Music-wise : Pop, Electronic, Rock, Indie Rock

Animated N°116 – Vintage Music Videos

Good Shoes, Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, The Knife, The Coral, The Concretes, Brendan Benson, Art Brut, Stephen Malkmus, The Future Sound Of London, Super Furry Animals, Clinic, London Elektricity

Animated N°115 – Vintage Music Videos

The Wombats, Gerry Rafferty, Mint Royale, Robbie Williams, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, David Bowie, Super Furry Animals, Dave Gahan, Queen, The Human League, Scissor Sisters, Dusted

‘Vous Avez Dit Bizarre’ N°642 – New Music Videos

Bizarre Quotes • You always know what to say to me (Oliver Tree) • Who are you and what are those? (Doja Cat) • Gonna bare these fangs Gonna flash these pearly whites (Eartheater) • Feelin' fuckin' low like somethin' so insane (Paris Jackson) • I lost control over my head (Holy Wars) •

Musicwise : noise rock, post-punk revival, alternative hip hop, art pop, dance pop,indie rock, lo-fi, neo-psychedelic

This week In Male Balladeers 35/52

Ben Harper, Robbie Williams, Phil Collins, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, David Crosby, Maroon 5, Bob Dylan, Bee Gees, Leonard Cohen, UB40, Van Morrison

Animated N°112 – Vintage Music Videos

Regurgitator, Rush, Bloc Party, Linkin Park, The Horrors, Franz Ferdinand, The Mission, Guillemots, Super Furry Animals, Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine, 3 Colours Red, Lemon Jelly

‘Music For The Dancers’ N°587 – 2010s Music Videos

Dance Quotes • Baby, I'm wasted All I wanna do is drive home to you (ZHU) • The place you want to reach is right in front of you (Clean Bandit) • Let me roam your body freely No inhibition, no fear (Calvin Harris & Disciples) • Just once if I have the chance The things I would do to you (Tough Love) • Let me feel you as the sun comes up again (Drumsound and Bassline Smith) • I'm not dealing with myself I'm running low (Netsky)

Musicwise : edm, electro, hip hop, house, pop, rap, trap

Feliz Aniversário Hermeto Pascoal. ‘Hermetismo’

This day (June 22, 1936), in Arapiraca, Alagoas, Brazil, is born Hermeto Pascoal, a Brazilian composer and multi-instrumentalist.

Tracklist :

1 . Tamancos e Piloes (2018)

2 . Depois do baile (2016)

3 . w/ Hamilton de Holanda - Forró Brasil (2016)

4 . w/ Claudio Cacao De Queiroz (2013)

5 . Taynara (2011)

6 . Documentary (2002)

7 . w/ Sivuca - Bebê (2001)

8 . Live In Búzios (1999)

9 . Beer Improv

10 . Arapua (1985)

11 . Susto / São Jorge (1979)

12 . Live At Montreux (1979)

Tracklist :

Slaves Mass . Mixing Pot . Bebê . Little Cry for Him . Voz E Vento . Cannon . Música das Nuvens e do Chão . Remelexo . Forró Brasil . Forró em Santo André .

Wikipedia : This day (June 22, 1936), in Arapiraca, Alagoas, Brazil, is born Hermeto Pascoal, a Brazilian composer and multi-instrumentalist.