September, School’s In

From ‘Trouble in school’ to ‘September Song’, we have mixed 17 ‘Jazz‘ tunes around the theme of ‘September‘. It has Deborah Cox, Hank Jones, Harry James, Charles Mingus and many more.

IMAGE : Old School Photo by Just-Us-3

The Kurt Weill Foundation: September Song is from “Knickerbocker Holiday”. The arrangement for jazz orchestra and vocal trio (tenor 1, tenor 2, baritone) are by Jack Mason (1938). (To perform it, you need) an Orchestra: 2 alto sax, 1 ten. sax;; banjo or guitar, piano, perc.; vn A-B-C, cello, bass. Duration: 5 minutes.

WFMU : Walter Huston (father of John, Granddad of Angelica) introduced “September Song” when he played Pieter Stuyvesant in the original production, and scored a hit with the 78 version of it while the show was still in its first run. In the play, the peg-legged Stuyvesant sings the song to Tina, the lovely Town Councilor’s daughter, in the hope of rushing her into marriage against her better judgment.

Harry Warren : My daydreams lie buried in autumn leaves, They’re covered with autumn rain, The time is sweet September, The place, a shady lane, I’m riding the wings of an autumn breeze, Back to my memories (I have seen funnier song. I can’t wait till it’s spring again)

Richard L. : Richard makes a list about “September in the rain” saying “Someone once wrote that rain is the oldest sound to reach the porches of a man’s ear. I like the sentence and I like the sentiment. And I like rain. I like the sound of it, the feel of it…” (Sounds like Richard is a poet)

Grateful Dead Lyric & Song Finder : Good morning little schoolgirl, can I come home with you…. Tell your moma and your papa, I’m a schoolboy too….I want to be your chauffeur. I want to ride your little machine. …. I want to put a tiger, baby. Hey in your sweet little tank (Gosh! it’s an Esso commercial)

Robert Christgau : This fetish of “the virgin who craves your penis” has a long history in rock and roll. Its ur-text is “Good Morning Little School Girl”–attributed to Sonny Boy Williamson I and covered by, among many others, Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, the Yardbirds, the Grateful Dead,…, an elderly Van Morrison, and 16-year-old Jonny Lang–and its permutations are endless.

PLAYLIST : Harold Arlen – Trouble in school (1.20) . Deborah Cox – September In The Rain (3.23) . Betty Roche – September Song (2.10) . Glen Miller – September Morning (4.14) . Harry James – September Song (4.05) . Michel Petrucciani (Steve Gadd & Anthony Jackson) – September Second (5.18) . Louis Armstrong – Goodbye To Summer (3.40) . Jackie Gleason – September Song (2.04) . Dizzy Gillespie – School days (8.35) . Charles Mingus – Septemberly (7.06) . Muddy Waters – Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (3.14) . Happenings – See You In September (2.34) . Hank Jones – Summer’s Gone (7.12) . Sarah Vaughan – September Song (5.47) . Julie London – September In The Rain (1.41) . Cal Tjader – September Song (3.03) . Lou Donaldson – The Things We Did Last Summer (3.19) .

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