She Asks

From ‘What Kind Of Fool Am I’ to ‘Why must your love well be so dry’ , we have mixed 18 ‘Jazz‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Questions Women Ask‘. “She Asks” has Sarah Vaughan, Abbey Lincoln, Billie Holiday, Patsy Cline and many more.

IMAGE : lessons on elocution Photo by Foxtongue

Barb Jungr: Critics have compared Jungr to Nina Simone and Peggy Lee, called her “a British Edith Piaf”, “one of the best interpreters of Jacques Brel and Bob Dylan anywhere on this angst ridden planet today” (Village Voice, New York) and “mesmerizing” (The New York Times).

Claudia Acuna : Born in Santiago and raised in Concepcion, Chile, Acuña began singing Chilean folk/pop, rock, fusion and opera, drawing inspiration from Chilean music pioneers Violeta Parra and Victor Jara…..It was at the Greenwich Village hotbed of up-and-coming talent, Small’s, where Acuña befriended pianist Jason Lindner, her closest collaborator to this day.

PBS : Other singers of her generation have retired, or limit their appearances to festivals and oldies packages, but Thomas’s reputation has only grown with the years. Today, she is hailed as the “Soul Queen of New Orleans.” She continues to record well-produced albums of new material, and fills clubs and concert halls around the world. This is due both to her vaulting, churchy voice, which can be reminiscent of such other soul queens as Aretha Franklin or Patti LaBelle, and to her stage presence.

Vaya Con Dios on Amazon : “What’s a Woman?” is the track that makes the album for me – a sad tune with exceptionally good lyrics about the support that a man and a woman need from each other. Although this album may well appeal to the younger audience too, I would rather recommend it to the more mature listener. This is a great CD, go and get it.

Kim Sanders : “Love is about action and connection and it always is a work in progress. Singing is my God-particle. I love being on stage, and I want to wake up every morning and do this. And I think you can experience that same intensity on a romantic level, by being ready to do the work and most of all, by living the truth.” Then she stops and looks at you, says “Was I preaching again?”, and starts to laugh so hard, the walls begin to shake Jericho-style.

Harcsa Veronika : She formed her own jazz quartet in 2005, featuring leading Hungarian jazz musicians (Attlia Blaho – piano, Zoltán Oláh – double bass, Bálint Majtényi – drums). In the very same year she produced and released her first jazz standard album titled Speak Low in Hungary.

Anti : “We became a major voice for the civil rights movement and hopefully helped to make a difference in this country. It was a difficult and dangerous time (in 1965 we spent a night in jail in West Memphis, Arkansas and I wondered if we’d ever make it out alive) but we felt we needed to stand up and be heard.” Mavis Staples

The Shangrilas : As ‘Remember (Walking In The Sand)’ was riding high in the charts, Ellie, Jeff and George came up with a follow-up record – it was ‘Leader Of The Pack’. The recording was completed, with the initial motorbike sounds being recorded using a real bike that was wheeled into the studio, and the record was scheduled for release. It was at this point the Shangri-Las image went from good girls to good bad girls…but not evil..

PLAYLIST : Dinah Washington – What Kind Of Fool Am I (2.05) . Flora Purim – Why I’m Alone (4.40) . Sarah Vaughan – Why Can’t I (2.56) . Ruth Brown – Why Me (2.25) . Anita O’Day – Why Shouldn’t I (3.09) . Ima Thomas – What’s So Wrong With You Loving Me (2.22) . Harcsa Veronika – What Is Our Love For (3.13) . Lena Horne – What’ll I Do (2.01) . Billie Holiday – Why Did I Always Depend On You (2.33) . The Shangri – Las – What’s A Girl Suppose To Do (2.59) . Joni James – Why Don’t You Believe Me (2.51) . Pat Appleton – What’s Next (3.55) . Joan Baez – What Have They Done To The Rain (2.54) . Abbey Lincoln – What Will Tomorrow Bring (6.26) . Barb Jungr – What Good Am I (3.58) . Vaya Con Dios – What’s A Woman (3.54) . Patsy Cline – Why Can’t He Be You (3.30) . Nina Simone – Why must your love well be so dry (2.21) .

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