Warner Bros. publish Sheila E.’s debut album : ‘The Glamorous Life’ co-produced and co-written with Prince (1984)

Sheila E.’s ‘The Glamorous Life’ is her first album co-produced and co-written with Prince and released on June 5, 1984 by Warner Bros.

Track Listing : 1.The Belle Of St. Mark (Sheila E.) – 05:08 . 2.Shortberry Strawcake (Sheila E.) – 04:44 . 3.Noon Rendezvous (Prince, Sheila E.) – 03:50 . 4.Oliver’S House (Sheila E.) – 06:20 . 5.Next Time Wipe The Lipstick Off Your Collar (Brenda Bennett, Sheila E.) – 03:50 . 6.The Glamorous Life (Prince) – 06:33

Musicians : Sheila E. – Vocals, Percussion . Jesse Johnson – Guitars . David Coleman – Cello On (4 – 6) . Nick Decaro – Accordion On (5) . Jill Jones Aka J.J. – Background Vocals On (1 – 4) . Brenda Bennett – Background Vocals On (5) . Novi Novog – Violin On (5) . Larry Williams – Saxophone On (6)

Production : Produced By Sheila E., Prince Terry Christian – Mixing . Bernie Grundman – Mastering . Bill Jackson – Mixing

Package : Jeffrey Kent Ayeroff – Art Direction . Larry Williams – Photography

Recorded In 1984.

Released On June 5, 1984 By Warner Bros..

(Source Sheila E.’s ‘The Glamorous Life’ | World-Famous Drummer Sheila E.)


Overall, The Glamorous Life is one of the defining records of the 80’s, and it propelled the singer behind it to musical stratosphere. If you’re a fan of the Prince, or an R&B fan in general, The Glamorous Life will look glamorous in your playlist. […]

Goregirl @ RateYourMusic
The thing is, unlike many of the females he produced, Sheila is actually musically talented. She’s one heck of a good drummer (probably one of the best female drummers of all time) and even if her voice isn’t great she makes do. […]

Robert Christgau
With its breathy singsong, dancy hooks, electrotreated steals, pseudo-random white dissonance, and generally thrown-away air, this gyroscopic Prince spinoff reminds me more than a little of the first Tom Tom Club […]


Sheila E.’s ‘The Glamorous Life’


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