Warner Bros. publish Sheila E.’s debut album : ‘The Glamorous Life’ co-produced and co-written with Prince (1984)

Sheila E.’s ‘The Glamorous Life’ is her first album co-produced and co-written with Prince and released on June 5, 1984 by Warner Bros.

Track Listing : 1.The Belle Of St. Mark (Sheila E.) – 05:08 . 2.Shortberry Strawcake (Sheila E.) – 04:44 . 3.Noon Rendezvous (Prince, Sheila E.) – 03:50 . 4.Oliver’S House (Sheila E.) – 06:20 . 5.Next Time Wipe The Lipstick Off Your Collar (Brenda Bennett, Sheila E.) – 03:50 . 6.The Glamorous Life (Prince) – 06:33

Musicians : Sheila E. – Vocals, Percussion . Jesse Johnson – Guitars . David Coleman – Cello On (4 – 6) . Nick Decaro – Accordion On (5) . Jill Jones Aka J.J. – Background Vocals On (1 – 4) . Brenda Bennett – Background Vocals On (5) . Novi Novog – Violin On (5) . Larry Williams – Saxophone On (6)

Production : Produced By Sheila E., Prince Terry Christian – Mixing . Bernie Grundman – Mastering . Bill Jackson – Mixing

Package : Jeffrey Kent Ayeroff – Art Direction . Larry Williams – Photography

Recorded In 1984.

Released On June 5, 1984 By Warner Bros..

(Source Sheila E.’s ‘The Glamorous Life’ | World-Famous Drummer Sheila E.)

Sheila E.


Overall, The Glamorous Life is one of the defining records of the 80’s, and it propelled the singer behind it to musical stratosphere. If you’re a fan of the Prince, or an R&B fan in general, The Glamorous Life will look glamorous in your playlist. […]

Goregirl @ RateYourMusic
The thing is, unlike many of the females he produced, Sheila is actually musically talented. She’s one heck of a good drummer (probably one of the best female drummers of all time) and even if her voice isn’t great she makes do. […]

Robert Christgau
With its breathy singsong, dancy hooks, electrotreated steals, pseudo-random white dissonance, and generally thrown-away air, this gyroscopic Prince spinoff reminds me more than a little of the first Tom Tom Club […]


Sheila E.’s ‘The Glamorous Life’


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