Singing On The Moon

From ‘Moonglow’ to ‘Polka Dots And Moonbeams’, we have mixed 18 ‘Jazz Songs‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Moon (Tribute To Neil Armstrong)‘. It has Dinah Washington, Les Baxter & His Orchestra, Bing Crosby, Chet Baker and many more.

IMAGE : astronauts Photo by Allerina & Glen MacLarty

Moon River: The origin of this goddess was a semitian vegetation and moon goddess with lower influence, but when these tribes arrived at the land of the sumerian kingdom, her cult reached the sumerian capital Uruk. The sumerian people identified Ishtar easily with their own goddess Inanna. After some time Ishtar became in the second millenium the highest and widest worshipped goddess of the Babylonians. etc.

Ethel Waters on Jazzateria : In 1933, her sensational rendition of “Stormy Weather” at the Cotton Club made her the talk of the town; when Irving Berlin heard her sing it, she was signed for his As Thousands Cheer, a revue starring Marilyn Miller and Clifton Webb. She stopped the show with “Heat Wave” and “Suppertime” and was elevated to co-starring status.

Frankie Laine : At the age of 17, Laine left home to try his luck as a marathon dancer. This fad of the depression years was a tough way of keeping body and soul together, but Laine stuck with it and eventually he and a partner, Ruth Smith, met the all-time marathon dance record in Atlantic City, New Jersey. They danced for a total of 3,501 hours over 145 consecutive days, and split a grand prize of $1,000 for their efforts.

Les Baxter : Les worship of Hawkins was supplanted by his hearing Ben Webster — Duke Ellington‘s featured tenor saxophonist of 1939-41. note-for-note.Webster was bluesier and had a darker, gauzier tone. He was the Barry White of tenor.

Mimi Lo on Wikipedia : In 2010, Lo appeared in an episode of the singing competition The Voice when contestant Penny Chan asked her to perform a duet with him during a round of competition. He chose her power ballad signature song, “The Challenger”. Her flawless rendition of the song garnered universal praise.

xinmsn : Appearing at a Kose roadshow, the cosmetic brand’s first non-Japanese spokesperson said, “I had to face many things being alone in Japan. My family wasn’t around, and I felt lonely, so of course I’d cry!”

Anita O Day : In the late’40s, O’Day struck out on her own. She teamed up with drummer John Poole, with whom she played for the next 32 years. Her album “Anita”, which she recorded on producer Norman Granz’s new Verve label, elevated her career to new heights.

Jazz Jamaica on Myspace : In 1991, inspired by the rhythms of traditional Jamaican music and largely improvisational nature of jazz, original Jazz Warrior, and veteran jazz double bassist, Gary Crosby turned a musical concept into a joyful reality. Crosbys concept was to create a quintessential fusion of mento, ska, reggae and jazz, playing classic and modern jazz standards alongside Jamaican folksongs. The result was Jazz Jamaica.

PLAYLIST : Ethel Waters – Moonglow (3.17) . Chet Baker – Old Devil Moon (3.00) . Frankie Laine – Moonlight Gambler (2.52) . Les Baxter & His Orchestra – Moon Moods (2.56) . Bing Crosby – The Moon Got In My Eyes (3.09) . Mimi Lo – Moon River (3.23) . Olivia Ong – Fly Me To The Moon (3.05) . Dinah Washington – Destination Moon (2.37) . Frank Sinatra – Moonlight Serenade (3.28) . Ella Fitzgerald – No Moon At All (2.39) . Nat King Cole – Moon Love (2.09) . Anita O Day – Strawberry Moon (3.08) . Patti Page – Allegheny Moon (2.51) . Sarah Vaughan – Polka Dots And Moonbeams (2.36) . Jack Teagarden – The moon and the willow tree (3.14) . Ray Conniff – Moonlight serenade (2.49) . Jazz Jamaica – Moonlight in Vermont (4.51) .


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