Skip James records ‘The Complete Bloomington, Indiana Concert (Part 2)’ (1968)

Skip James’ ‘The Complete Bloomington, Indiana Concert (Part 2)’ is the second part of a concert given at the end of his career, recorded on March 30, 1968.

Track Listing : 1.Skip James Talking (Skip James) – 00:35 . 2.Illinois Blues (Skip James) – 05:03 . 3.Cypress Grove Blues (Skip James / Henry Thomas) – 05:30 . 4.Washington D.C. Hospital Center Blues (Skip James) – 04:14 . 5.Skip Talking (Skip James) – 00:31 . 6.Hard Headed Woman Blues (Skip James) – 06:26 . 7.Catfish Blues (Skip James) – 04:18 . 8.Hard-Luck Child (Skip James) – 04:50 . 9.Skip Talking (Skip James) – 00:34 . 10.Drunken Spree (Skip James) – 02:39 . 11.Back-Water Blues (Traditional) – 07:51 . 12.Look At The People Standing At The Judgement (Skip James) – 02:27 . 13.Sorry For To Leave You (Traditional) – 01:56 . 14.Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning (Traditional) – 01:55

Musicians : Skip James – Guitar, Vocals

Production : Produced By Johnny Parth

Recorded On March 30, 1968 At Bloomington, Indiana.

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Skip James


Venreable Music
On the night of this Skip James concert, performed at the studentrun Indiana University Folksong Club at Bloomington, Indiana the small auditorium was filled with about two hundred persons who knew more about local bluegrass traditions (Bill Monroe’s Sunday bam fests took place in nearby Beanblossom) than blues, but who enjoyed listening to various forms of traditional music […]

Complete Bloomington Indiana Concert, Vol. 1 It’s eerie and heartbreaking to listen to what essentially amounts to a retrospective by a man who would pass away only seven months following this performance. […]

Indiana Daily Students
Skip James’ 1968 Bloomington concert remembered by fansBut that early spring night in Bloomington, nobody else in the Auditorium — not even folklore graduate student Peter Narváez, who picked James up from the Indianapolis airport and welcomed James into his house for two days — was aware James was dying. Aside from frequent naps, James showed no sign of ill health. […]


Skip James’ ‘The Complete Bloomington, Indiana Concert (Part 2)’ M


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