Epic release ‘Dance to the Music,’ Sly & the Family Stone’s second album (1968)

‘Dance to the Music’ by Sly & the Family Stone is their second studio album produced by Sly Stone and released on April 27, 1968 by Epic.


Epic release ‘Dance to the Music,’ Sly & the Family Stone’s second album (1968)

1 . Dance To The Music

2 . Dance To The Music (Live, 1969)

3 . Higher And Higher (Live)

4 . I Want To Take You Higher (Live, 1973)

Sly & the Family Stone – Dance to the Music

Track Listing : 1.Dance To The Music (Sylvester Stewart) – 03:00 . 2.Higher (Sylvester Stewart) – 02:49 . 3.I Ain’T Got Nobody (For Real) (Sylvester Stewart) – 04:26 . 4.Dance To The Medley [(Music Is Alive / Dance In / Music Lover](Sylvester Stewart) – 012:12 . 5.Ride The Rhythm (Sylvester Stewart) – 02:48 . 6.Color Me True (Sylvester Stewart) – 03:10 . 7.Are You Ready (Sylvester Stewart) – 02:50 . 8.Don’T Burn Baby (Sylvester Stewart) – 03:14 . 9.I’Ll Never Fall In Love Again (Sylvester Stewart) – 03:25

Musicians : Sly Stone – Vocals, Organ, Guitar, Piano, Harmonicaand More . Freddie Stone – Vocals, Guitar . Larry Graham – Vocals, Bass Guitar . Rose Stone – Vocals, Piano, Keyboards . Cynthia Robinson – Trumpet, Vocal Ad-Libs . Jerry Martini – Saxophone . Greg Errico – Drums . Little Sister (Vet Stone, Mary Mccreary, Elva Mouton) – 0Backing Vocals

Production : Produced By Sly Stone For Stone Flower Productions . Don Puluse – Engineer . Brian Ross – Engineer . Brian Ross-Myring – Engineer

Package : Al Gee – Liner Notes

Recorded September 1967.

Released On April 27, 1968 By Epic.

(Source Sly Stone @ Wikipedia)


In retrospect, bass player and vocalist Larry Graham and drummer Greg Errico were important parts of this new sound. Graham experiments with an early fuzz tone on his bass plus Errico’s altering of traditional rhythms fit Sly’s musical vision well. […]

Rock Hall Anniversary: Sly & the Family Stone’s Dance to the Music
The title track became the group’s first top ten single (at number eight)and to this day is credited with not only popularizing psychedelic soul, but display it’s influence throughout the music industry. […]

Consider this — prior to this record no one, not even the Family Stone, treated soul as a psychedelic sun splash, filled with bright melodies, kaleidoscopic arrangements, inextricably intertwined interplayand deft, fast rhythms. […]


‘Dance to the Music’ by Sly & the Family Stone M


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