Snarky Puppy – We Like It Here

Released in February 2014, “We Like It Here” is a live album by American band Snarky Puppy, recorded and filmed with a live studio audience over four nights in the Netherlands.


Susanne Rosmolen,Mara Tieles,Tessel Hersbach,Yannick Hiwat,Larnell Lewis,Nate Werth,Jay Jennings,Mike “Maz” Maher,Bob Reynolds,Chris Bullock,Chris Mcqueen,Mark Lettieri,Bob Lanzetti,Shaun Martin,Cory Henry,Justin Stanton,Bill Laurance,Michael League,Snarky Puppy,Lingus,Snarky Puppy,Tio Macaco,Snarky Puppy,Outlier,Snarky Puppy,Kite,Snarky Puppy,Jambone,Snarky Puppy,Sleeper,Snarky Puppy,What About Me?,Snarky Puppy,Shofukan,Snarky Puppy,

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Snarky Puppy is simply doing things that no other band can even imitate. In the live setting, in the studio, Snarky Puppy makes you feel all the feels in a musical package that is unbound by any Earthly genres. When the aliens finally arrive we should play them some Snarky Puppy so they feel a little more at home.

GeorgeX @ RateYourMusic
The performance is top notch, as usual, but it’s the songwriting here that is both, more consistent, and more spectacular, than on past records.

Dallas Observer
I thought this assignment would be a breeze. After all, a colleague in London relayed that “wherever they go, they dependably blow off the roof.” Experiences like that tend to write themselves. Unfortunately, the roof stayed fully intact.

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