CBS Columbia publish Soft Machine’s ‘Third,’ a double album (1970)

Soft Machine‘s ‘Third’ is a double album (each side of the vinyl version consisting of a single composition) released on June 6, 1970 by Cbs /Columbia.


CBS Columbia publish Soft Machine’s ‘Third,’ a double album  (1970)

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Track Listing : 1.Facelift (Hugh Hopper) – 18:45 . 2.Slightly All The Time”” (Mike Ratledge) – 18:12 .[Including: ‘Noisette’ (Hugh Hopper), ‘Backwards’ (Mike Ratledge) And ‘Noisette Reprise’ (Hugh Hopper)] . 3.Moon In June (Robert Wyatt) – 19:08 . 4.Out-Bloody-Rageous (Mike Ratledge) – 19:10

Musicians : Soft Machine – Band . Mike Ratledge – Hohner Pianet, Lowrey Organ, Piano . Hugh Hopper – Bass Guitar . Robert Wyatt – Drums, Vocals, Plus (Uncredited) Hammond Organ, Hohner Pianet, Piano, Bass On (3) . Elton Dean – Alto Saxophone, Saxello On (1 – 2 – 4) . Lyn Dobson – Soprano Saxophone, Flute On(1) . Jimmy Hastings – Flute, Bass Clarinet On(2) . Rab Spall – Violin On (3) . Nick Evans – Trombone On (4)

Production : Produced By Soft Machine . Andy Knight Engineer . Bob Woolford Engineer

Package : Jurgen D. Ensthaler – Photography . John Hays – Cover Design

Recorded (2 – 3 – 4) April–May 1970 At Ibc, London; (1) Live In Croydon And Birmingham, January 1970.

Released On June 6, 1970 By Cbs /Columbia.

(Source Soft Machine – Third | Soft Machine @ Wikipedia)


The Soft Machine plunged deeper into jazz and contemporary electronic music on this pivotal release, which incited the Village Voice to call it a milestone achievement when it was released. […]

Tentative Reviews
The quirkiness and the skill were still there in spades, but the compositions were now considerably more elaborate. And the band’s makeup was different too. […]

All About Jazz
While it’s not likely that Third will ever sounds pristine or crystal-clear, this is unequivocally the best it’s ever sounded. Often considered on a par with Miles Davis’ 1969 album Bitches Brew, it came from a different place but was just as innovative. […]


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