Some Girls Are Not from Ipanema

From ‘La Ragazza Di Ipanema’ to ‘Les Filles De Cadiz’ , we have mixed 17 ‘Jazz and Others‘ tunes around the theme of ‘World Wide Girls‘. It has Larry Carlton, Pery Ribeiro, Eden Ahbez, Katia Guerreiro and many more.

IMAGE : Photo by Vic Lic

Garota de Ipanema: A música Garota de Ipanema foi originalmente composta em 1962. Vinícius de Moraes fez a letra da música Garota de Ipanema inspirado numa moça que passava freqüentemente em frente ao Bar Veloso em Ipanema. Esta moça chamava-se Heloísa Eneida Menezes Pais Pinto – mais conhecida como Helô Pinheiro.

Wikipedia : Myth has it The Girl from Ipanema was inspired by Heloísa Eneida Menezes Paes Pinto (now Helô Pinheiro), a fifteen-year-old girl living in Montenegro Street of the fashionable Ipanema district of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Daily, she would stroll past the popular “Veloso” bar-café on her way to the beach, attracting the attention of regulars Jobim and Moraes. Photos of the legend are here.

Telegraph : TALL, tanned, now 57, and still beautiful, The Girl from Ipanema is being sued by the families of the men who made her famous. Heloisa Pinheiro recently opened a boutique in Rio de Janeiro called The Girl from Ipanema. The families of the song’s writers, however, say she has no right to use the song for commercial purposes.

Washington Post : Tall and tan and young and lovely and now 62 or 63 years old, depending on whom you ask, Heloisa Pinheiro — the one and only woman who inspired “The Girl From Ipanema” — has never made a single centavo off the song.

Gridskipper : Forty-four years ago, Antonio Carlos Jobim wrote Girl from Ipanema at this restaurant. Big blown up lyric sheets hang from the walls and t-shirts are for sale. But behind the pride, it’s really just a restaurant, and a pretty good one at that. A soap opera blares from a large tv in the corner and the whole place smells of meat.

Wikia : The song was performed by Petula Clark, as “The Boy from Ipanema,” with one of the Bossmen in episode 220 of The Muppet Show. Although the guest star laments that she is not noticed by the “tall and tan and young and handsome” stranger,…

Copacabana : The little Paris of Brazil, Ipanema is so much loved for its art galleries, avant-garde theatres, art movie theatres and bookshops with caffe flavour. : If you understand Portuguese you will see immediately that the lyrics of the english version, written by Norman Gimbel, bear little direct connection. Even the very first word—“tall”—shows poetic license since there is no reference to the girl’s height in the song.

Ipanema : is now a brand of sandals designed (and advertised) by the lastest (till the next one) “Girl from Ipanema” Gisele Bündchen.

Ipanema : is now a brand of sandals designed (and advertised) by the lastest (till the next one) “Girl from Ipanema” Gisele Bündchen.

PLAYLIST : Bruno Martino – La Ragazza Di Ipanema (2.48) . U-4 Ria – California Girls (2.50) . Four Pharaohs – China Girl (2.31) . Esquivel – Flower Girl From Bordeaux (2.07) . Funkee Boy – Spanish Girl (3.59) . Larry Carlton – Small Town Girl (5.44) . Pat Metheny – The Girls Next Door (5.30) . Los OlimareñOs – La Niñn De Guatemala (2.32) . The Boogie Macs – The Girl From Ipanema (2.45) . Holly Cole – Jersey Girl (4.33) . Otto Virgial – Little Girl In Rome (2.40) . Pery Ribeiro – The Girl From South Zone (Balanço Zona Sul) (3.23) . Eden Ahbez – Island Girl (2.16) . Katia Guerreiro – Menina Do Alto Da Serra (2.44) . Verbas Xeitosas – Meniñas Da Cruña (4.16) . Deanna Durbin – Les Filles De Cadiz (2.55) . Jacqueline Francois – La Fille D’Ipanema (2.50) .


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