Someday My Prince (His Dad, Mum & Sis) Will Come

From ‘Someday My Prince Will Come’ to ‘King comforter’, we have mixed 18 ‘Jazz, Reggae & Latin Music‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Royal Family‘. It has Paul Desmond, Taj Mahal, Beenie Man, Nicola Conte And His Group and many more.

IMAGE : Prince Charles & Camilla, Princess of Cornwall at Madame Tussauds Photo by Nadia

Growling Tiger @ Wikipedia: Neville Marcano (1915-1993), known as the Growling Tiger, is a Trinidadian calypsonian. More so than his contemporaries he sang about social and political issues. His best known songs are “Money is King,” about economic inequality, and “The Gold in Africa,” about the Italian invasion of Ethiopia.

Alcione : Alcione Dias Nazareth (born November 21, 1947) (better known as simply Alcione, also nicknamed as A Marrom (the brown one)) is one of the most successful female sambists in Brazil who first claimed international recognition in the late 1970s, and has had 19 gold records and two platinum records.

Two Banks Of Four : Two Banks of Four are a nu-jazz band from London, UK, chiefly consisting of Dillip Harris and Robert Gallagher. Their music has been remixed by artists such as Four Tet, Herbert and Derrick Carter, while 2BO4 have themselves provided remixes for Faze Action and Koop.

Beenie Man @ Youtube : One of Jamaica’s most crucial DJs, Beenie Man’s recording career stretches back to 1981, although it was in the sound systems where he later made his mark. The witty toaster began his true ascent to stardom in the early ’90s, and by 1994, his reputation couldn’t be beat.

Nils Petter Molvaer : The first time I saw Nils Petter Molvaer playing live I thought the world was coming to an end. It was at the Voss Jazz Festival in Norway, my first visit there in 2003. The members of his band were stretched across a huge stage in a sports hall, at the back of which ran black and white images which seared into my mind. The music was urgent, pulsing, unsettling.

The New Mastersounds : As an example of the respect this band commands, Peter Wermelinger – DJ, collector, and author of the crate-diggers’ bible The Funky & Groovy Music Lexicon – places the 2001 NMS track ‘Turn This Thing Around’ in his all-time top-ten tunes, along with the likes of Eddie Harris, Funkadelic, and Herbie Hancock. The New Mastersounds are at the very top of an elite selection of acts that bring the true soul out of funk.

Big Joe Williams @ allmusic : Big Joe Williams may have been the most cantankerous human being who ever walked the earth with guitar in hand. At the same time, he was an incredible blues musician: a gifted songwriter, a powerhouse vocalist, and an exceptionally idiosyncratic guitarist. Despite his deserved reputation as a fighter, artists who knew him well treated him as a respected elder statesman.

Dicky Wells @ Wikipedia : William Wells, (June 10, 1907? – November 12, 1985), more famous under the name of Dicky Wells (sometimes Dickie Wells), was an American jazz trombonist. He played with Count Basie between 1938–1945 and 1947-1950. He also played with Cecil Scott, Spike Hughes, Fletcher Henderson, Benny Carter, Teddy Hill, Jimmy Rushing, Buck Clayton and Ray Charles.

PLAYLIST : Melody Gardot – Someday My Prince Will Come (1.03) . Alcione – Traje de Princesa (2.43) . Ba Cissoko – King Kora (4.51) . Darondo – King’s Man (4.14) . Beenie Man – Dancehall Queen (4.24) . Gil Evans And His Orchestra Featuring David Sanborn – King Porter Stomp (3.46) . Roy Brown – Queen Of Diamonds (2.51) . Paul Desmond – El Prince (3.28) . Dicky Wells & His Orchestra – Bones For The King (6.26) . Growling Tiger – Money Is King (3.01) . Nicola Conte And His Group – The Nubian Queens (3.14) . Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions – Minstrel And Queen (2.13) . Taj Mahal – King Edward’s Throne (3.40) . The New Mastersounds – King comforter (3.43) . Banks Of Four – Queen Of Crows (5.42) . Big Joe Williams – Creole Queen (1.55) . Nils Petter Molvaer – Prince Of Calm (5.02) . Miles Davis – Someday My Prince Will Come (8.58) .


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