St Germain – St Germain

Released on October 9, 2015, “St Germain” is the third (after a fifteen years hiatus) album by Ludovic Navarre a.k.a. St Germain


St Germain – St Germain

Track Listing : 1.Real Blues (St Germain) – 05:16 . 2.Sittin’ Here (St Germain) – 06:23 . 3.Hanky-Panky (St Germain) – 07:06 . 4.Voilà (St Germain) – 06:30 . 5.Family Tree (St Germain) – 07:54 . 6.How Dare You (St Germain) – 06:43 . 7.Mary L. (St Germain) – 05:22 . 8.Forget Me Not (St Germain) – 05:44

Musicians : St. Germain – Electronics, Loops . Guimba Kouyate – Guitars . Jorge Bezerra – Percussions

Production : Produced By St. Germain

Recorded .

Released On October 9 By Parlophone.

St Germain - St Germain


Though his endeavor is electronic music and not ethnomusicology, he’s tapped into core ideas that have served African musicians for generations. […]

The Guardian
St Germain: St Germain review – smooth jazz-house hitmaker returnsNavarre is clearly a conscientious producer with an ear for detail, and in the case of the almost free-jazz Hanky Panky, the music here is rich indeed. […]

Wall Street Journal
‘St Germain’ Review: Bamako by Way of ParisThe extraordinary Guimba Kouyaté is the featured guitarist. Mr. Navarre also engaged percussionist Jorge Bezerra, a native of Rio de Janeiro, who worked with jazz and world-music master Joe Zawinul. […]

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