Stanley Clarke Trio featuring Hiromi and Lenny White records ‘Jazz in the Garden’ for Heads Up (2008)

Stanley Clarke Trio’s ‘Jazz in the Garden’ is its debut album recorded on December 13–14, 2008 with pianist Hiromi and drummer Lenny White and released on April 15, 2009 by Heads Up.


Stanley Clarke Trio featuring Hiromi and Lenny White records ‘Jazz in the Garden’ for Heads Up (2008)

1 . Jazz In The Garden (EPK)

2 . Three Wrong Notes (Tvjazz.Tv)

3 . Bass Folk Song #10 (Boston, 3/24/2011)

Track Listing : 1.Paradigm Shift (Election Day 2008) (Stanley Clarke) – 07:42 . 2.Sakura Sakura (Traditional) – 05:30 . 3.Sicilian Blue (Hiromi Uehara) – 04:48 . 4.Take The Coltrane (Duke Ellington) – 03:29 . 5.3 Wrong Notes (Stanley Clarke) – 05:46 . 6.Someday My Prince Will Come (Larry Morey, Frank Churchill) – 04:52 . 7.Isotope (Joe Henderson) – 05:27 . 8.Bass Folk Song No. 5 & 6 (Stanley Clarke) – 04:01 . 9.Global Tweak (Stanley Clarke, Hiromi Uehara) – 03:42 . 10.Solar (Miles Davis) – 05:12 . 11.Brain Training (Hiromi Uehara) – 04:52 . 12.Under The Bridge (Michael Peter Balzary, Anthony Kiedis, Chad Smith, John Frusciante) – 05:30

Musicians : Hiromi Uehara – Piano . Lenny White – Drums . Stanley Clarke Trio – Band

Production : Produced By Dave Love . Michael Bishop – Engineer, Mastering, Mixing . Buck Snow – Assistant Engineer

Package : Don Heckman – Liner Notes . Robert Hoffman – Design, Photography

Recorded On December 13–14, 2008 At Mad Hatter Studios, Los Angeles, Ca.

Released April 15, 2009 By Heads Up.

(Source Stanley Clarke Trio – Jazz in the Garden | The Official Website of Stanley Clarke)

Stanley Clarke Trio’s ‘Jazz in the Garden’ | RVM [Radio.Video.Music]’ />


It must be said that at times her solos sound as if they have been cut and pasted into the vibe just as the trio is photoshopped on to the CD cover. But there is enough of Clarke, recorded in a fulsome, rich soundand his natural intimacy with White to compensate. […]

However, the real star of this album is Hiromi, who brings six kinds of energy to every note she plays, fusing the playfulness of Horace Silver and the intelligence of Adam Makowitz with some tonal ideas and a lyricism purely her own. […]

All About Jaz
Clarke has played acoustic bass on many occasions, but this is his first all-acoustic album as a leader. One thing that sets Jazz in the Garden apart from other piano-bass-drum efforts is that the bass is more involved, even when the piano is leading. And having three innovative players like Clarke, Hiromi and White makes it even more special. […]


Stanley Clarke Trio’s ‘Jazz in the Garden’ | RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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