From ‘Lone Star Moon’ to ‘Star Dust’ , we have mixed 19 ‘Jazz & Latin‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Stars‘. “Star-Studied” has Bill Evans, Maria Bethania , Yusef Lateef, Perry Como and many more.

IMAGE : Starlight, starbright Photo by SC Fiasco
INFORMATIONS In the movie “The Uninvited”, the song itself became a dramatic focal point when Milland’s character Rod serenades his Stella, played by Russell. Looking out the window while Rod is at his grand piano Stella asks what he is playing. Rod replies, “It’s a serenade. ‘To Stella by Starlight.’â€

Tagudinians Blog : A standard that I really like to play on the Flugelhorn is “Stella by Starlight”. I like the way Al Hirt plays using a broad band of registers. From the deep, rich tones of the lower D major scale and rising to notes beyond high G effortlessly. His tone remains brilliant no matter which way his trumpet valves are depressed and released. : Stella By Starlight is also one of the trickiest tunes to truly master from an improvisational standpoint. That said, the piece offers several invaluable harmonic “keys†which can help the improviser to unlock doors not only in this piece but in many other and often radically simpler jazz standards.

The Alabamycologist : Here’s another YouTube post, featuring the song that graces our basic license tags. Some folks prefer to cover the “Stars Fell On…” part with a “Heart of Dixie” sticker, and as of 2009 you can get the new Sweet Home Alabama tag. I, for one, love the song Stars Fell On Alabama, though I think I’m in a minority, there.

Brazil : For the last 30 years Silvio Caldas (he wrote “Chão de Estrelas” )’ constant farewell concerts became a running gag in the Brazilian entertainment world. His weepy goodbye shows were so many that even his most faithful fans lost track of them. Friends, still lulled by his soothing music, still don’t believe that he has left for good.

this is my heart … : About Olivia Ong“Such smooth, sultry voice with excellent music! wow!!!i’m totally melted and blown away, and impressed with the achievement of someone same age as me, at 22.. though sadly, i’m drawn to the lyrics of this song.”

Jazz Review : Since those early days as one of the so-called “young lions of jazz,” Roy has become one of the most prolific trumpeters in jazz and has recorded more than 15 albums as a leader.

Vitor Ramil : Compositor, cantor e escritor, o gaúcho Vitor Ramil começou sua carreira artística ainda adolescente, no começo dos anos 80. Aos 18 anos de idade gravou seu primeiro disco Estrela, Estrela, com a presença de músicos e arranjadores que voltaria a encontrar em trabalhos futuros, como Egberto Gismonti, Wagner Tiso e Luis Avellar, além de participações das cantoras Zizi Possi e Tetê Espíndola.

PLAYLIST : Peggy Lee – Lone Star Moon (2.16) . Eddie Cochran – Three Stars (3.42) . Bill Evans – Turn Out the Stars (6.23) . Maria Bethania – Chão de estrelas (3.38) . Gilberto Gil – Estrela. Estrela (4.52) . Mal Waldron, Steve Lacy – Star-Crossed Lovers (4.37) . Anita O’Day – Stella By Starlight (2.49) . Oscar Aleman y su Quintetto – Polvo de estrellas (2.45) . Miles Davis – Stella by starlight (4.45) . Perry Como – Catch a Falling Star (2.29) . Yusef Lateef – Stella By Starlight (5.51) . Art Bop Jazztet – Starmaker (7.32) . Dexter Gordon – Stairway To The Stars (6.58) . Jack Teagarden – Stars Fell on Alabama (3.00) . Billy Ward and His Dominoes – Star Dust (3.12) . John Williams – Como Llora Una Estrella (3.58) . Olivia Ong – Quiet Nights and Quiet Stars (4.30) . Glenn Miller – When You Whis Upon A Star (2.53) . Ella Fitzgerald – It Was Written in the Stars (5.12) .


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