Vertigo publish Status Quo’s eighth album, ‘On the Level’ featuring ‘Down Down’ (1975)

Status Quo’s ‘On the Level’ is their eighth studio album recorded in London in 1974 and released on February 21, 1975 by Vertigo.

Track Listing : 1.Little Lady (Rick Parfitt) – 03:03 . 2.Most Of The Time (Francis Rossi, Bob Young) – 03:22 . 3.I Saw The Light (Francis Rossi, Bob Young) – 03:40 . 4.Over And Done (Alan Lancaster) – 03:55 . 5.Nightride (Rick Parfitt, Bob Young) – 03:54 . 6.Down Down (Francis Rossi, Bob Young) – 05:25 . 7.Broken Man (Alan Lancaster) – 04:14 . 8.What To Do (Francis Rossi, Bob Young) – 03:07 . 9.Where I Am (Rick Parfitt) – 02:45 . 10.Bye Bye Johnny (Chuck Berry) – 05:21

Musicians : Status Quo – Band . Francis Rossi — Guitar, Vocals . Rick Parfitt — Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals . Alan Lancaster — Bass, Guitar, Vocals . John Coghlan — Drums

Production : Produced By Status Quo . Hugh Jones – Engineer . Damon Lyon-Shaw – Engineer . Andrew Miller – Engineer

Package : Jack Wood – Photography

Recorded Winter 1974 At Ibc Studios And Phonogram Studios, London.

Released On February 21,1975 By Vertigo.


But, if you want to nail the very essence of Status Quo, only “Down Down” will do. It was their first British number one and their first all-time classic. And it was also their first grinning, winking acknowledgement that not only was there a formula to the records they made, but they were not afraid to list its ingredients. […]

But the song’s structure was quintessential Quo: start rocking, keep rocking, don’t stop rocking, drop down to a quiet bit, build it up again, louder, louder, and then – this was the key moment – resume rocking with absolutely ferocious intensity. […]

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Yeah, King Crimson and Yes fans were probably appalled by the band’s successes, but you’ve got to admit these guys could recycle a Chuck Berry riff like nobody else and yes – there are times when we all want to just party and relax a bit. […]


Status Quo’s ‘On the Level’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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