Stevie Ray Vaughan records in Austin his first album ‘In the Beginning’ (1980)

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s ‘In the Beginning’ is an album recorded on April 1, 1980 at Steamboat 1874 in Austin, Texas with Double Trouble and released on October 6, 1992 by Epic.

Track Listing : 1.In The Open (Sonny Thompson, Freddie King) – 05:57 . 2.Slide Thing (Stevie Ray Vaughan) – 03:18 . 3.They Call Me Guitar Hurricane (Eddie Jones) – 03:06 . 4.All Your Love [I Miss Loving] (Otis Rush) – 06:23 . 5.Tin Pan Alley [Aka Roughest Place In Town] (Robert Geddins) – 07:40 . 6.Love Struck Baby (Stevie Ray Vaughan) – 02:56 . 7.Tell Me (Chester Burnett) – 02:48 . 8.Shake For Me (Willie Dixon) – 04:04 . 9.Live Another Day (Stevie Ray Vaughan) – 03:49

Musicians : Stevie Ray Vaughan – Guitars, Vocals . Double Trouble – Band . Chris Layton – Drums . Jackie Newhouse – Bass

Production : Produced By Wayne Bell . Wayne Bell – Engineer . Malcolm Harper – Engineer . John Powell – Assistant Engineer . Roger Eddins – Editing . Bob Ludwig – Mastering

Package : Daniel Schaffer – Photography . Jody Denberg – Liner Notes . Bill Narum – Art Direction, Design

Recorded On April 1, 1980 At Steamboat 1874 In Austin, Texas.

Released On October 6, 1992 By Epic.

Stepping out of his brother Jimmy’s shadow Stevie Vaughan totally explodes on this live outing. You almost get burned listening to this from the sparks flying off his busted-up strat as he tears his set-list a new arsehole. Within the next few years he would become immortalised at the blues master SRV. […]

At first listen this confounded me a little for it is such a ‘dirty’ recording, you can tell that stevie was playing at 11 on his amps and although his guitar sound is a bit rough it only highlites his incredible intensity, every stevie ray performance(that i have heard) was like an exorcism and as such get ready to be touched by some really raw playing, thank god it survived […]

It’s great to hear a young, raw, unrefinedand unformed Stevie Ray Vaughan wail on the guitar. An infectious energy to this one, like a young local blues rock band playing in your neighbors garageand, while coming home from work (or whatever) you stop, look and listenand say; I’ll be your manager! : ) […]


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