Epic publish Stevie Ray Vaughan’s third album : ‘Soul to Soul’ (1985)

Stevie Ray Vaughan‘s ‘Soul to Soul’ is his third studio album recorded with Double Trouble and released on September 30, 1985 by Epic Records.


Epic publish Stevie Ray Vaughan’s third album : ‘Soul to Soul’ (1985)

Track Listing : 1.Say What! (Stevie Ray Vaughan) – 05:23 . 2.Lookin’ Out The Window (Doyle Bramhall) – 02:48 . 3.Look At Little Sister (Hank Ballard) – 03:08 . 4.Ain’T Gone ‘N’ Give Up On Love (Stevie Ray Vaughan) – 06:07 . 5.Gone Home (Eddie Harris) – 03:07 . 6.Change It (Bramhall) – 03:57 . 7.You’Ll Be Mine (Willie Dixon) – 03:46 . 8.Empty Arms (Stevie Ray Vaughan) – 03:03 . 9.Come On (Part Iii) (Earl King) – 04:31 . 10.Life Without You (Stevie Ray Vaughan) – 04:18

Musicians : Stevie Ray Vaughan – Guitar, Vocals, Drums On (8) . Tommy Shannon – Bass, Vocals On (1) . Chris Layton – Drums, Vocals On (1) . Reese Wynans – Keyboards, Vocals On (1) . Joe Sublett – Saxophone On (2 – 3)

Production : Produced By Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble, Richard Mullen . Richard Mullen – Engineer . Ron Cote – Assistant Engineer

Package : Holland Macdonald – Cover Art

Recorded Between March And May 1985 At The Dallas Sound Lab In Dallas, Texas.

Released On September 30, 1985 By Epic Records.

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Still, he has good taste in covers, his originals are sturdyand there’s not a bad performance here, so Soul to Soul winds up enjoyable in spite of its flawsand it clearly points the way to his 1989 masterpiece, In Step. […]

reeagbo @ RateYourMusic
Maybe not as goooood as earlier records, but the talent and the good blues songwriting is there. Other than than it is not so different form other SRV records as to write a super review. Maybe the surprise is not there anymore. To be honest, I always think that it is impossible for blues musicians to be original all the time. […]

It offers a unique illustration about a harder time of Vaughan’s life in an appropriate way and also appears to complete his desire the express himself through the songs of others, hence being from soul to soul. […]


Epic publish Stevie Ray Vaughan’s third album : ‘Soul to Soul’ (1985)

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