Bill Withers releases ‘Still Bill’ featuring ‘Lean on Me’ & ‘Use Me’ (1972)

Bill Withers‘s ‘Still Bill’ feat. ‘Lean on Me’ & ‘Use Me’ is his second studio album released in May 1972 by Sussex.


Bill Withers releases ‘Still Bill’ featuring ‘Lean on Me’ & ‘Use Me’ (1972)

1 . Let Me In Your Life (1974)

2 . Use Me

Bill Withers – Still Bill

Track Listing : 1.Lonely Town, Lonely Street (Bill Withers) – 03:42 . 2.Let Me In Your Life (Bill Withers) – 02:41 . 3.Who Is He (And What Is He To You)? (Bill Withers, Stanley Mckenny) – 03:13 . 4.Use Me (Bill Withers) – 03:45 . 5.Lean On Me (Bill Withers) – 04:17 . 6.Kissing My Love (Bill Withers) – 03:49 . 7.I Don’T Know (Bill Withers) – 03:04 . 8.Another Day To Run (Bill Withers, Benorce Blackmon) – 04:38 . 9.I Don’T Want You On My Mind (Bill Withers) – 04:34 . 10.Take It All In And Check It All Out (Bill Withers) – 02:42

Musicians : Bill Withers – Guitar, Piano, Vocals . Bobbye Hall – Percussion . Benorce Blackmon – Guitar . Melvin Dunlap – Bass . James Gadson – Drums, Percussion . Raymond Jackson – Piano, Clavinet, Electric Piano

Production : Produced By Benorce Blackmon, Bill Withers, James Gadson, Melvin Dunlap, Ray Jackson . Raymond Jackson . Bob Hughes – Engineer . Phil (Boogie) Schier – Engineer

Arrangements : Raymond Jackson

Package : Howard Fritzson – Art Direction . Michael Mendel – Art Direction . Tim Morse – Design . Hal Wilson – Photography

Recorded In 1972 At The Record Plant, Los Angeles, Ca.

Released In May 1972 By Sussex.


Because, trust me, Bill Withers is one cool cat. Oh, I know—all you remember him for is the sappy “Lean on Me”, but that song, though still charming in its own way, is a far cry from the loose-limbed country funk that was really Withers’ strong suit. […]

Here was a man who had lived life and, as a result, brought a tremendous gravitas to his material. When he sang of hurt, the need for love and solidarity, you knew he was talking from first-hand experience. […]
But Bill Withers was neither, and he was all of them. Bill Withers was then, and still is today, an enigma. He was a few parts soul, some blues, even some country; but he was funky in all the right places, and he wrote songs that spoke to the most human of all parts, the heart. […]


Bill Withers releases ‘Still Bill’ featuring ‘Lean on Me’ & ‘Use Me’ (1972)


Bill Withers releases ‘Still Bill’ featuring ‘Lean on Me’ & ‘Use Me’ (1972)

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Bill Withers‘s ‘Still Bill’ feat. ‘Lean on Me’ & ‘Use Me’ M


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