Columbia publish The Stooges’ third album : ‘Raw Power’ co-produced by Iggy Pop and David Bowie (1973)

The Stooges’ ‘Raw Power’ is their third studio album co-produced by Iggy Pop and David Bowie and released on February 7, 1973, by Columbia Records.

Track Listing : 1.Search And Destroy (Iggy Pop, James Williamson) – 03:29 . 2.Gimme Danger (Iggy Pop, James Williamson) – 03:33 . 3.Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell (Iggy Pop, James Williamson) – 4:54 . 4.Penetration (Iggy Pop, James Williamson) – 03:41 . 5.Raw Power (Iggy Pop, James Williamson) – 04:16 . 6.I Need Somebody (Iggy Pop, James Williamson) – 04:53 . 7.Shake Appeal (Iggy Pop, James Williamson) – 03:04 . 8.Death Trip (Iggy Pop, James Williamson) – 06:07

Mick Rock

Musicians : The Stooges – Band . Iggy Pop – Lead Vocals . James Williamson – Guitar . Ron Asheton – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals . Scott Asheton – Drums . David Bowie – Piano, Percussion

Production : Produced By Iggy Pop, David Bowie . David Bowie – Mixing

Package : Sean Evans – Graphic Design . Mick Rock asterisques RVM – Photography

Recorded September 10-October 6, 1972 At Cbs Studios, Whitfield Street, London.

Released On February 7, 1973 By .

The Stooges


Head Heritage
The first time I ever played “Raw Power” I thought there was something wrong with my stereo. The second time I played it, I knew there was something wrong with my immediate surroundings. […]

Raw Power is by far the most important punk record ever. That is, if I had to pick one in that classic who started punk argument. If songs like “Raw Power”, “Search and Destroy”, and “Death Trip” did not exist, I would probably not be the asshole I am today. […]

It speaks volumes about the songs’ pure immediacy and charisma that, even in its original mix, Raw Power became the album most responsible for giving the Stooges a life after death. […]


The Stooges’ ‘Raw Power’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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