Paul Simon releases his thirteenth solo album : ‘Stranger to Stranger’ (2016)

Paul Simon‘s ‘Stranger to Stranger’ by is his thirteenth solo studio album produced by Roy Halee and released on June 3, 2016 by Concord.


Paul Simon releases his thirteenth solo album : ‘Stranger to Stranger’ (2016)

1 . Werewolf (The Fox Theater Atlanta GA 5/3/16)

2 . Wristband (Live from Here with Chris Thile)

3 . Stranger to Stranger

Track Listing : 1.The Werewolf (Paul Simon) – 03:25 . 2.Wristband (Paul Simon) – 03:17 . 3.The Clock (Paul Simon) – 01:02 . 4.Street Angel (Paul Simon) – 02:11 . 5.Stranger To Stranger (Paul Simon) – 04:35 . 6.In A Parade (Paul Simon) – 02:21 . 7.Proof Of Love (Paul Simon) – 05:44 . 8.In The Garden Of Edie (Paul Simon) – 01:48 . 9.The Riverbank (Paul Simon) – 04:11 . 10.Cool Papa Bell (Paul Simon) – 04:02 . 11.Insomniac’S Lullaby (Paul Simon) – 04:33

Chuck Close

Musicians : Paul Simon – Vocals . Clap! Clap! – Beats

Production : Produced By Roy Halee Andy Smith – Engineer

Package : Chuck Close asterisques RVM – painting

Recorded 2011– April 2016 At Simon’S Home Studio, Connecticut And Montclair State University.

Released On June 3, 2016 By Concord Records.

(Source Paul Simon – Stranger To Stranger | Official Site)

Paul Simon


Rolling Stone
Inside Paul Simon‘s Genre-Bending New Album ‘Stranger to Stranger’ The end result is Stranger to Stranger, an experimental album heavy on echo and rhythm that fuses electronic beats with African woodwind instruments, Peruvian drums, a gospel music quartet, horns and synthesizers. […]

Simon is in scrappy, fighting form here, and he’s clearly got no shortage of targets. Everything is ripe for skewering on Stranger To Stranger, from small issues like macho doormen (“Wristband”) to organized religion. […]

Ultimate Classic Rock
All these forces come together to form Simon’s best album since The Rhythm of the Saints, Stranger to Stranger‘s closest spiritual and musical ancestor. Simon sings with a joy that’s mostly been missing on more recent somber works …and the songs themselves sparkle with late-career grace and wit. […]


Paul Simon releases his thirteenth solo album : ‘Stranger to Stranger’ (2016)


Paul Simon‘s ‘Stranger to Stranger’ by | RVM [Radio.Video.Music]



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