As we wish Brett Anderson of Suede, a happy birthday, the day is perfect for a ‘Suede At Their Bests’ post

As we wish, today, English singer-songwriter Brett Anderson a Happy 52th Birthday, the time has come to playlist the ‘BESTS’ of his band : Suede


Photo : Simon Q
Audio : Beautiful Ones . Animal Nitrate . Trash . So Young . The Drowners . Filmstar . The Wild Ones . Metal Mickey . Lazy . Saturday Night .

Video : Beautiful Ones . Trash . Animal Nitrate . She’s In Fashion . Saturday Night . So Young . Everything Will Flow . Wild Ones . Stay Together . Lazy . The Drowners . Positivity . Metal Mickey . New Generation . We Are The Pigs . Outsiders .


Suede ‘s ‘Dog Man Star’ is their second album (the last with guitarist Bernard Butler) released on October 10, 1994 by Nude Records. >>

Suede ‘s ‘Coming Up’ is their third album (the first with Richard Oakes) released on September 2, 1996 by Nude Records. >>


[1973] Roxy Music performs next to The Kinks, Humble Pie and Blue Suede for ABC’s In Concert from London held at the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park in London, >> 27 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1994] British band Suede will play a short set in support of their last album Dog Man Star released in October last year at HMV in Toronto, Canada >> 17 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1992] English film director Derek Jarman will show his movies while British band Suede plays, at The Clapham Grand in London >> 26 MINUTES on RVM >>

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