Swahili Rap

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Swahili Rap

Music of Tanzania on Wikipedia : In 1991, Tanzania hosted a hip hop competition called “Yo Rap Bonanza.” While most rappers were performing American songs word for word; Saleh Ajabry, a Tanzanian, wrote his own Swahili lyrics to a song based on Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby,” and won the competition

Bongo Flava : Bongo Flava is sung in Swahili peppered with words and phrases in English and tackle subjects faced by the continent and the world over: poverty, ambition, success, money, HIV/AIDS, education and experiences we can all relate to such as love, jealousy, beauty and loneliness”[1].

Swahili Remix : TMK Wanaume Halisi leader, Juma Nature has given out his mobile numbers for his fans if they want to know where to cop his new album. The brand new and spankingly fresh album titled ‘Tugawane Umaskini’ is Juma Nature’s fifth album produced by Bongo Records and Tanzania’s major producer Paul Matthysse a.k.a P-Funk Majani. ‘

Music of Tanzania : Ask any young person in Tanzania about Gangwe Mobb and you will see a mischievous smile appear and a twinkle in the eye. Led by the most respected rapper on the Tanzanian hip-hop scene, Inspector Haroun, an artist famed for his hypnotic wordplay, breathtaking metaphors and lyrical vitality. Gangwe Mobb also features the talents of Lutenant Kalamah, “Kalamah the Supreme”, another important originator in the burgeoning world of Swahili ghetto intellect

X Plastaz : When X Plastaz member Yamat, born and bred (and currently still living) in the traditional environment of a Maasai boma, got introduced to the sounds of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, he immediately became a fan of reggae music. On tour in Gabon (West Africa) with Dutch dj Precise, a freestyle session over some reggae riddims led to the inception of a new style of music.

Sugu : Some remember him as 2 Proud back in the early 90’s, others still call him Mr 2 or Mr II, but SUGU is now the new name of this legend. A man of the people, a voice of the voiceless, he has never been afraid to say it as it is so always tells it as it is.

African Hip Hop : The unchallenged popularity of hip hop culture in Tanzania would suggest that after a decade-plus of local creativity there should now be a lively local urban fashion industry, supported by today’s popular artists and media.

The Communication Initiative : Hali Halisi, which means “the real situation” in Swahili, is a documentary about rap as an alternative medium for urban youth in Tanzania and Zanzibar. This 30-minute documentary was filmed in 1999 by the Madunia Music Foundation, a non-profit non-governmental organisation based in the Netherlands that promotes African music and supports local initiatives of African musicians. The film aims to discuss the pros and cons of hip hop as an effective medium for communication and an instrument for social change, using the example of Tanzanian “emcees” (rappers) and the positive messages of their rap in Swahili to fuel the debate.

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