Tadd Dameron records ‘Mating Call’ with John Coltrane for Prestige (1957)

Tadd Dameron‘s ‘Mating Call’ is an album recorded on November 30, 1956 with John Coltrane and released in 1957 by Prestige.

Track Listing : 1.Mating Call (Tadd Dameron) – 05:57 . 2.Gnid (Tadd Dameron) – 05:07 . 3.Soultrane (Tadd Dameron) – 05:24 . 4.On A Misty Night (Tadd Dameron) – 06:23 . 5.Romas (Tadd Dameron) – 07:45 . 6.Super Jet (Tadd Dameron) – 06:00

Musicians : Tadd Dameron – Piano . John Coltrane – Tenor Saxophone . John Simmons – Bass . Philly Joe Jones – Drums

Production : Produced By Bob Weinstock . Rudy Van Gelder – Engineer

Package : Ira Gitler – Liner Notes

Recorded On November 30, 1956 At Rudy Van Gelder Studio.

Released In 1957 By Prestige.

(Source Tadd Dameron – Mating Call | Tadd Dameron @ Wikipedia)


The cover isn’t one of Prestige’s most iconic designs, but it could be one of its most dottily endearing: seagulls stalking about a beach make for a humorous reference to the album’s title. The music is a confident, feel-good delight […]

Ron Saranich @ Cosmic Debris
This quartet is superb. If possible, listen to the way they interpreted “On A Misty Night.” This number is hauntingly elegant, producing a reverie in me each and every time I hear it. Do yourself a favor and add this disc to your Jazz collection. Its been available for awhileand once its gone, there’s no guarantee it will be again issued in our lifetime. […]

I had forgotten just how beautiful that album is—Tadd, with those lush locked chordsand Trane, with those wails and scale runs. Fascinating combination of tones and techniques. […]


Tadd Dameron‘s ‘Mating Call’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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