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The Eagles’ ‘One of These Nights’

The Eagles’ ‘One of These Nights’ is their fourth studio album produced by Bill Szymczyk and released on June 10, 1975 by Asylum Track Listing : 1.One Of These Nights (Don Henley, Glenn Frey) – 04:51 . 2.Too Many Hands (Randy Meisner, Don Felder) – 04:43 . 3.Hollywood Waltz (Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Bernie Leadon, […]

Joe Walsh releases his third solo album : ‘So What’ (1974)

Joe Walsh’s ‘So What’ is his third solo studio album released on December 14, 1974 by ABC-Dunhill Records. Track Listing : 1.Welcome To The Club (Joe Walsh) – 05:14 . 2.Falling Down (Joe Walsh, Don Henley) – 04:56 . 3.Pavanne For The Sleeping Beauty (Maurice Ravel) – 01:56 . 4.Time Out (Joe Walsh, Terry Trebandt) […]

ABC-Dunhill publish Joe Walsh’s debut solo album :…

Joe Walsh’s ‘Barnstorm’ is his debut studio solo album co-produced with Bill Szymczyk and released in October 1972 by ABC-Dunhill. Track Listing : 1.Here We Go (Joe Walsh) – 04:58 . 2.Midnight Visitor (Joe Walsh) – 03:13 . 3.One And One (Joe Walsh) – 01:15 . 4.Giant Bohemoth (Joe Vitale, Joe Walsh) – 04:19 . […]

B.B. King records ‘Live in Cook County Jail’ in Chicago, Illinois…

B.B. King’s ‘Live in Cook County Jail’ is a live album recorded on September 10, 1970 in Cook County Jail, Chicago, Illinois and released In 1971 By Mca. Track Listing : 1.Introductions – 01:50 . 2.Every Day I Have The Blues (Memphis Slim) – 01:43 . 3.How Blue Can You Get? (Jane Feather, Leonard Feather) […]