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Feliz Aniversário Tom Zé. ‘Zé Zurreição’

This day (October 11, 1936), in Irara, Bahia, Brazil, is born Tom Zé, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer Digest Tracklist : Augusta, Angélica e Consolação (2018) . Vai, (2016) . Salva Humanidade (2014) . Capitais e Tais (2012) . Hein? . Las Páginas Blancas (2011) . w/ Os Mutantes – Minha Menina (2011) . Documentray . […]

Jazzin’Around Baby Please Don’t Go

Starting and ending with Big Joe Williams‘s composition ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’, we have mixed 18 ‘Jazz with some Blues‘ tunes around the theme of ‘ Big Joe Williams‘. It has Brigitte Bardot, Roy Eldridge & His Orchestra, Patsy Cline, Francine Reed and many more.

Couples Only

From ‘Russell And Eliot’ to ‘Nicholas And Alexandra’ , we have mixed 18 ‘Jazz and Other Musics‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Famous Couples‘. It has Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot, John Hurt, Dieter Reith, Miles Davis and many more.

Maternal Instincts?

From ‘Bye bye baby’ to ‘Baby C’est Vous’, we have mixed 18 ‘Cool Jazz‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Women and their “Babies”‘. It has Nancy Sinatra, Helen Merrill, Helen Reddy, Marilyn Monroe and many more.

Everybody Is A Busy Body

From ‘Everybody Calls Me Crazy’ to ‘Everybody Loves The Sunshine’, we have mixed 19 ‘Jazz With a Slice Of Pop‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Everybody‘. It has Wynonie Harris, Brigitte Bardot, Henry Mancini, Trijntje Oosterhuis and many more.