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Grover Washington Jr. records ‘Soul Box’ arranged by Bob James…

Grover Washington, Jr.’s ‘Soul Box’ is his third album arranged by Bob James, recorded in March 1973 and released the same year by Kudu Records. Track Listing : 1.Aubrey (David Gates) – 03:44 . 2.Masterpiece (Norman Whitfield) – 013:20 . 3.Trouble Man (Marvin Gaye) – 015:56 . 4.You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (Stevie […]

Charles Mingus records ‘Let My Children Hear Music,’ an album for…

Charles Mingus’ ‘Let My Children Hear Music’ is an album recorded on September 23 – November 18, 1971 with a large jazz orchestra by Columbia. Track Listing : 1.The Shoes Of The Fisherman’S Wife Are Some Jiveass Slippers (Charles Mingus) – 09:34 . 2.Adagio Ma Non Troppo (Charles Mingus) – 08:22 . 3.Don’T Be Afraid, […]

Frank Sinatra records ‘Watertown’ for Reprise (1969)

Frank Sinatra’s ‘Watertown’ is a studio album (and the only one he ever voiced over pre-recorded orchestral tracks) recorded on July 14, 17 and August 25-27, 1969 and released in March 1970 by Reprise.. Track Listing : 1.Watertown (Bob Gaudio, Jake Holmes) – 03:36 . 2.Goodbye (She Quietly Says) (Bob Gaudio, Jake Holmes) – 03:06 […]