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Your Favorite Hip-Hop & Soul 2020 Music Videos

In 2020, we have posted 56 "Hip-Hop & Soul" playlists

featuring 672 rap, hip-hop or soul videos by 410 different artists.

According to our statistics, your 12 favorite rap, hip-hop or soul videos for 2020

are performed by Internet Money,

Hip-Hop & Soul N°401 – 2010s Music Videos

Rap Quotes • Don't get involved, listen what the crystal ball say (A$AP Rocky) • Leave me alone Drunk as fuck (Flipp Dinero) • They only killing time, another second gone (Mura Masa) • I done put my whole arm in the rim, Vince Carter

Hip-Hop & Soul N°400 – 2010s Music Videos

Rap Quotes • Everything we do, we give thanks, tell dem wah we do (Koffee) • Remember when them days were mad slow  (Nines) • Bro what you drinking? Ahh Just chill bro, it's juice I'm sippin' (Cadet & Deno) • How 'bout you whisper to me, I

Hip-Hop & Soul N°397 – 2010s Music Videos

Rap Quotes • Motions of her wave says she knows how to hula (Shakka) • She keep it juicy just for papi (Doja Cat, Tyga) • Got me doing things I'll never do (Tory Lanez) • She said she miss it and sendin' emojis (Lil Baby) • Stack of booty

Hip-Hop & Soul N°396 – 2010s Music Videos

Rap Quotes • How do I slow this down When I’m already in so deep (Dappy) • Hands up if you're proud of your body count (hands up) (Krept & Konan) • I don't say much, I just let the heat talk (Kodak Black) • And all that shit, then I come

Hip-Hop & Soul N°393 – 2010s Music Videos

Rap Quotes • I'm not really drunk, I never get that fucked up (Khalid) • Your money too short, you can't be talkin' to me (Kanye West) • Clap that ass, you're the only one I love (Drake) • Do this all the time, this ain't no surprise (Lil

Hip-Hop & Soul N°392 – 2010s Music Videos

Rap Quotes • Do the stanky leg (stank) Do the stanky leg (stank stank) (Silentó) • If it ain't about face, won't answer (Dave) • Yeah, this shit way too formal, y'all know I don't follow suit (Travis Scott) • Motherfucker, shut the fuck up

Hip-Hop & Soul N°389 – 2010s Music Videos

Rap Quotes • Praise to the Lord, give him grace (A$Ap Rocky) • I brought a lot of loud, lot of Remy to sip on (Fetty Wap) • Let me tell you who I am (Cadet) • But I'm not gonna fall, bitch! (Yeah) (Eminem) • Running through the city's got