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Freddie Hubbard records ‘Ready for Freddie’ with Wayne Shorter,…

Freddie Hubbard’s ‘Ready for Freddie’ is his fourth album recorded on August 21, 1961 with Bernard McKinney, Wayne Shorter, McCoy Tyner, Art Davis and Elvin Jones and released the same year by Blue Note. Track Listing : 1.Arietis (Freddie Hubbard) – 06:41 . 2.Weaver Of Dreams (Jack Elliott, Victor Young) – 06:35 . 3.Marie Antoinette […]

John Coltrane records ‘Ascension’ with Mccoy Tyner, Elvin Jones,…

John Coltrane’s ‘Ascension’ is an album of continuous performance without breaks recorded on June 28, 1965 and released in February 1966 by Impulse! Track Listing : 1.Edition I/Ascension (John Coltrane) – 38:30 . 2.Edition Ii/Ascension (John Coltrane) – 40:49 Chuck Stewart ALSO READ Wikipedia Ohio University Newsweek Musicians : John Coltrane – Tenor Saxophone . […]

This week In Jazz Legends 09

Dexter Gordon, Horace Silver, The Bad Plus, Joshua Redman, Chris Barber, Joe Williams, Eddie Harris, Dave Holland, Quincy Jones, Lalo Schifrin, John Surman, Miles Davis, The Great Quartet. They are the “Jazz Legends” performers selected among the 294 Posts we publish this week. Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy! Tracklist 1 . […]

John Coltrane records ‘Kulu Sé Mama’ for Impulse! (1965)

John Coltrane’s ‘Kulu Sé Mama’ is an album (two tracks with a large ensemble, four with the ‘classic quartet’) recorded on June 10 & 16, 1965 and October 14, 1965 and released In 1967 By Impulse! Track Listing : 1.Kulu Sé Mama (Juno Sé Mama) – 18:50 . 2.Vigil (John Coltrane) – 09:51 . 3.Welcome […]

John Coltrane records ‘Transition’ with Mccoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison…

John Coltrane’s ‘Transition’ is an album recorded on May 26 & June 10, 1965 and released posthumously only in 1970 by Impulse!.. Track Listing : 1.Transition (John Coltrane) – 15:31 . 2.Dear Lord (John Coltrane) – 05:32 . 3.Suite (Prayer And Meditation: Day, Peace And After, Prayer And Meditation: Evening, Affirmation, Prayer And Meditation: 4 […]

John Coltrane records ‘Africa/Brass,’ his eighth album with French…

John Coltrane‘s ‘Africa/Brass’ is his eighth studio album recorded on May 23 & June 7, 1961 with French horns and euphonium and released the same year by Impulse! Records. Track Listing : 1.Africa (John Coltrane) – 16:28 . 2.Greensleeves (Traditional, Mccoy Tyner) – 10:00 . 3.Blues Minor (John Coltrane) – 07:22 Musicians : John Coltrane […]