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Beastie Boys release their second album : ‘Paul’s Boutique’

Beastie Boys’ ‘Paul’s Boutique’ is their second studio album released on July 25, 1989 by Capitol. Track listing : 1.To All the Girls (Beastie Boys, Dust Brothers) – 01:29[sample from “Loran’s Dance” by Idris Muhammad]2.Shake Your Rump (Beastie Boys, Dust Brothers) – 03:19[Samples : “Holy Ghost” by the Bar-Kays.”That’s the Joint” by Funky 4+1.”8th Wonder” […]

James Brown records ‘Love Power Peace,’ live at the Olympia in Paris…

James Brown’s ‘Love Power Peace’ is a live album recorded on March 8, 1971 at the Olympia, Paris with the original J.B.’s featuring Bootsy and Catfish Collins and released on August 23, 1992 by Polydor. Track Listing : 1.Intro (James Brown) – 00:00 . 2.Brother Rapp (James Brown) – 03:03 . 3.Ain’T It Funky Now […]

Polydor publish James Brown’s ‘Revolution of the Mind : Recorded…

James Brown’s ‘Revolution of the Mind : Recorded Live at the Apollo, Vol. III’ is a live double album released in December 1971 by Polydor. Track Listing : 1.It’S A New Day So Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn (Intro) (James Brown) – 03:47 . 2.Bewildered (Teddy Powell, Leonard Whitcup) – 07:55 […]