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Blind Faith debuts at Hyde Park (1969)

June 7, 1969 - brand new super-group Blind Faith - that is Eric Clapton (gtr), Ginger Baker (drms), Steve Winwood (kb) and Ric Grech (bs) - is to debut at free concert in Hyde Park, London (UK)<img…

Cream are inducted (1993)

January 12, 1993 - English band Cream - that is Eric Clapton (g), Jack Bruce (b) and Ginger Baker (d) - are inducted at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. The "Ceremony" takes place at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, California

Five Concerts with Jack Bruce

Jack Bruce who passed away today (in 2014) was a remarkable Scottish musician whose career spanned over more than 50 years.The eighth (according to Rolling Stone readers but you can dispute it) greatest bassist of all time. A vocalist. A…

We remember Jack Bruce. ‘Big Bass Man’

This day (October 25, 2014), in Suffolk, died Jack Bruce an English vocalist, bass guitarist and founding member of Cream.Digest Tracklist : Spectrum Road Featuring Jack Bruce, Cindy Blackman Santana, Vernon Reid And John Medeski. . Born…