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NOFX punkify Hamburg (2011)

August 28, 2011 – Los Angeles punk rockers NOFX take part in the “Telekom Extreme Playgrounds” festival at the Docks in Hamburg, Germany More Info

The John Surman Trio is in Hamburg (1975)

June 8, 1975 – the John Surman Trio – that is John Surman (bcl,ss,bs), Dieter Feichtner (synt) and Barre Phillips (b) – plays for the New Jazz Festival held at Onkel Pö in Hamburg, Germany

Jan Garbarek Group plays in a church (1991)

December 12, 1991 – the Jan Garbarek Group – that is Jan Garbarek (s), Agnes Buen Garnås (voc), Eberhard Weber (b), Rainer Brüninghaus (kb) and Marilyn Mazur (perc) – performs at St. Johannis Kirche in Hamburg. German television NDR will film the concert.