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Chrysalis. publish Jethro Tull’s tenth album : ‘Songs from the…

Jethro Tull’s ‘Songs from the Wood’ is their tenth studio album produced by frontman Ian Anderson and released on February 11, 1977 by Chrysalis. Track Listing : 1.Songs From The Wood (Ian Anderson) – 04:52 . 2.Jack-In-The-Green (Ian Anderson) – 02:27 . 3.Cup Of Wonder (Ian Anderson) – 04:30 . 4.Hunting Girl (Ian Anderson) – […]

Jethro Tull play for ‘BBC Sight and Sound’ (1977)

February 10, 1977 – BBC program “Sight and Sound” will tape Jethro Tull – that is Ian Anderson (voc, fl, g, mando,cymb), Martin Barre (g), Barriemore Barlow (b, perc), John Glascock (b), David Palmer (p, synth) – during their concert at the Golders Green Hippodrome, London

Joe Bonamassa records his first live album : ‘A New Day Yesterday…

Joe Bonamassa’s ‘A New Day Yesterday Live’ is his first live album recorded on December 21, 2001 in Fort Wayne, Indiana and released in 2002 by Premier Artists. Track Listing : 1.Jam Intro (Joe Bonamassa) – 03:21 . 2.Cradle Rock (Rory Gallagher) – 03:37 . 3.Steppin’ Out/Rice Pudding (Nicky Hopkins, Ronnie Wood, Jeff Beck, Tony […]

Jethro Tull travel to Maryland (1977)

November 21, 1977 – British band Jethro Tull – that is Ian Anderson (voc, fl, g), Martin Barre (g), John Evan (kb), David Palmer (kb), John Glascock (b, voc) and Barriemore Barlow (d, perc) – will be on stage at The Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland

Jethro Tull tape a video in LA (1980)

November 12, 1980 – Jethro Tull – that is Ian Anderson (fl, voc), Martin Barre (g), Mark Craney (d), Dave Pegg (b), Eddie Jobson (kb, viol) – are due to film a video of their concert at the Sports Arena in Los Angeles More Info

PFM celebrate their 40 years with Ian Anderson (2010)

November 5, 2010 – Italian jazz rock veterans Premiata Forneria Marconi a.k.a. PFM – that is Franz Di Cioccio (voc, d, perc), Franco Mussida (g, voc) & Patrick Djivas (b) – plus Lucio Fabbri (viol, kb), – Gianluca Tagliavini (kb) & Piero Monterisi (d) and plus Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull fame on three songs […]

We remember Jack Bruce. ‘Big Bass Man’

This day (October 25, 2014), in Suffolk, died Jack Bruce an English vocalist, bass guitarist and founding member of Cream. Digest Tracklist : Spectrum Road Featuring Jack Bruce, Cindy Blackman Santana, Vernon Reid And John Medeski. . Born Under A Bad Sign (2011) . w/ Joe Bonamassa – Midnight Blues . Live On Later With […]

Island publish Jethro Tull’s debut album : ‘This Was’…

Jethro Tull‘s ‘This Was’ is their debut album released on October 25, 1968 by Island Track Listing : 1.My Sunday Feeling (Ian Anderson) – 03:43 . 2.Some Day The Sun Won’T Shine For You (Ian Anderson) – 02:49 . 3.Beggar’S Farm (Mick Abrahams, Ian Anderson) – 04:19 . 4.Move On Alone (Abrahams) – 01:58 . […]

Jethro Tull visit Bethlehem (2003)

August 9, 2003 – Jethro Tull – that is Ian Anderson (voc, g, fl), Martin Barre (g), Andrew Giddings (kb), Jon Moyce (b) and Doane Perry (d) – take part in “Musikfest” a festival held at Sands RiverPlace in Bethlehem, PA

Island release Jethro Tull’s second album : ‘Stand Up’…

Jethro Tull’s ‘Stand Up’ is their second studio album fully written by leader Ian Anderson and released on July 25, 1969 by Island / Reprise. Track Listing : 1.A New Day Yesterday (Ian Anderson) – 04:10 . 2.Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square (Ian Anderson) – 02:12 . 3.Bourée (J. S. Bach,Anderson) – 03:46 . 4.Back […]

Chrysalis publishes Jethro Tull’s fourth album : ‘Aqualung’…

Jethro Tull’s ‘Aqualung’ is their fourth studio album co-produced by leader Ian Anderson and Terry Ellis and released on March 19, 1971 by Chrysalis / Island Track Listing : 1.Aqualung (Ian Anderson, Jennie Anderson) – 06:34 . 2.Cross-Eyed Mary (Ian Anderson) – 04:06 . 3.Cheap Day Return (Ian Anderson) – 01:21 . 4.Mother Goose (Ian […]

Jethro Tull celebrate Bach in Berlin (1985)

March 16, 1985 – Jethro Tull – that is Ian Anderson, Martin Barre, Dave Pegg and Doane Perry – plus Eddie Jobson on keyboards will celebrate J.S. Bach’s 300Th Birthday at International Congress Centrum in Berlin, Germany

Chilean TV tapes Jethro Tull (1996)

March 6, 1996 – Chilean National TV program “Live At Creations” will tape British band Jethro Tull – that is Ian Anderson (fl, voc), Martin Barre (g), Doane Perry (d, perc), Andrew Giddings (kb, accord) and Jonathan Noyce (b) – during their concert at Estadio Chile in Santiago de Chile, Chile

Jethro Tull release ‘Thick as a Brick,’ their fifth album…

Jethro Tull’s ‘Thick as a Brick’ is their fifth studio album co-produced by band leader Ian Anderson and Terry Ellis and released on March 3, 1972 by Chrysalis / Reprise. Track Listing : 1.Thick As A Brick, Part I (Gerald Bostock, Ian Anderson) – 22:40 . 2.Thick As A Brick, Part Ii (Gerald Bostock, Ian […]