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Imitation of Life

Happy Birthday Michael Stipe. ‘One Stipe Beyond’

This day (January 4, 1960), in Decatur, Georgia (USA), is born Michael Stipe , a singer, songwriter and social activist, best known as the lead singer of R.E.M. Tracklist : R.E.M. – 1982 – Wolves, Lower . R.E.M. – Radio Free Europe . Pale Blue Eyes from Just Like a Movie © Laura Levine 1984 […]

R.E.M. At Their Best

As we wish, today, guitarist Peter Buck a ‘Happy Birthday,’ here is the perfect time to list the ‘BESTS’ of his band : R.E.M. CREDITS Photo : wonker Audio : Losing My Religion . Everybody Hurts . Man on the Moon . Shiny Happy People . It’s the End of the World as We Know […]

Warner Bros. publish R.E.M’s twelfth album : ‘Reveal’ (2001)

R.E.M’s ‘Reveal’ is their twelfth studio album co-produced with Patrick McCarthy and released on May 14, 2001 by Warner Bros. Track Listing : 1.The Lifting (Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Michael Stipe) – 04:39 . 2.I’Ve Been High (Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Michael Stipe) – 03:25 . 3.All The Way To Reno (You’Re Gonna Be A […]