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Santana release their fourth album : ‘Caravanserai’ (1972)

Santana’s ‘Caravanserai’ is their fourth studio album co-produced By Carlos Santana & Mike Shrieve and released on October 11, 1972 by Columbia. Track Listing : 1.Eternal Caravan Of Reincarnation (Tom Rutley, Neal Schon, Michael Shrieve) – 04:28 . 2.Waves Within (Doug Rauch, Greg Rolie, Carlos Santana) – 03:54 . 3.Look Up (To See What’S Coming […]

Columbia publish Santana’s third album : ‘Santana (III)’…

‘Santana (III) ‘ is their third (and second self-titled) studio album released in September 1971 in September 1971 by Columbia. Track listing : 1.Batuka (José Areas, David Brown, Mike Carabello, Greg Rolie, Michael Shrieve) – 03:34 . 2.No One to Depend On (Coke Escovedo, Greg Rolie, Mike Carabello) – 05:31 . 3.Taboo (José Areas, Greg […]

Columbia release ‘Santana,’ their self-titled debut album featuring…

‘Santana’ is their debut studio album released in August 1969 by Columbia. Track listing : 1.Waiting (Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie, José “Chepito” Areas, David Brown, Michael Carabello, Michael Shrieve) – 04:07 . 2.Evil Ways (Clarence “Sonny” Henry) – 03:58 . 3.Shades of Time (Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie) – 03:13 . 4.Savor (Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie, […]

Santana visits Tanglewood (1970)

August 18, 1970 – Bill Graham presents Santana – that is Carlos Santana (g, voc), Gregg Rolie (kb,p, lead voc), David Brown (b), Michael Shrieve (d), Jose Chepito Areas (perc) and Mike Carabello (perc, voc) – at “The Fillmore at Tanglewood” in Lenox and Stockbridge, MA

Miles Davis visits Tanglewood (1970)

August 18, 1970 – Bill Graham presents Miles Davis with Gary Bartz (s), Chick Corea (el p), Keith Jarrett (org), Dave Holland (b), Jack DeJohnette(d) and Airto Moreira (perc) at “The Fillmore at Tanglewood” in Lenox and Stockbridge, MA

Carlos Santana & Wayne Shorter meet in Montreux (1988)

July 14, 1988 – Carlos Santana and Wayne Shorter plus Alphonso Johnson (b), Chester Thompson (kb), Patrice Rushen (kb), Leon “Ndugu” Chancler (d), Armando Peraza (cong), Jose Chepito Areas (timb) will share the stage at “Montreux Jazz Festival” in Switzerland

Santana record in Japan, a triple live album to be released as…

Santana’s ‘Lotus’ is a live album recorded on July 3 & 4, 1973 in Japan and released as a triple vinyl in May 1974 by Columbia. Track Listing : 1.Going Home (Gregg Rolie) – 03:23 . 2.A-1 Funk (José Chepitó Areas / Tom Coster, Richard Kermode, Armando Peraza, Doug Rauch, Carlos Santana, Santana, Michael Shrieve) […]

Santana record their second album : ‘Abraxas’ featuring ‘Black…

Santana’s ‘Abraxas’ is their second studio album recorded on April 17 and May 2, 1970 in San Francisco and released in September 1970 by Columbia. Track Listing : 1.Singing Winds, Crying Beasts (Mike Carabello) – 04:51 . 2.Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen (Peter Green, Gábor Szabó) – 05:22 . 3.Oye Como Va (Tito Puente) – 04:16 […]

Santana release their eighth album : ‘Festival’ (1977)

Santana’s ‘Festival’ is their eighth studio album produced by David Rubinson and released in January 1977 by Columbia. Track Listing : 1.Carnaval (Tom Coster, Carlos Santana) – 02:15 . 2.Let The Children Play (Leon Patillo, Carlos Santana) – 03:28 . 3.Jugando (J. Areasm Carlos Santana) – 02:12 . 4.Give Me Love (Pablo Tellez ) – […]

Santana record the live parts of the album ‘Moonflower’ for Columbia…

Santana’s ‘Moonflower’ is a double album recorded (for the live parts) in December 1976 and 1977 and released in October 1977 By Columbia. Track Listing : 1.Dawn/Go Within (Tom Coster, Carlos Santana) – 02:44 . 2.Carnaval (Tom Coster) – 02:17 . 3.Let The Children Play (Carlos Santana) – 02:37 . 4.Jugando (Carlos Santana) – 02:09 […]

Herbie Hancock records his ninth album : ‘Mwandishi’ for Warner…

Herbie Hancock’s ‘Mwandishi’ is his ninth album rRecorded in December 1970, Track Listing : 1.Ostinato (Suite For Angela) (Herbie Hancock) – 13:10 . 2.You’Ll Know When You Get There (Herbie Hancock) – 10:22 . 3.Wandering Spirit Song (Julian Priester) – 21:26 Musicians : Herbie Hancock – Fender Rhodes Piano . Buster Williams – Bass . […]

Santana visit Paris (1976)

December 7, 1976 – Santana – that is Carlos Santana (g, voc, perc), Luther Rabb (voc), Pablo Telez (b, voc), Tom Coster (kb), Armando Peraza (perc, voc), Jose Chepito Areas (timb, voc) and Graham Lear (d) – gives a concert at Theatre de l’Olympia in Paris

Columbia publish Santana’s fifth album : ‘Welcome’ featuring…

Santana’s ‘Welcome’ is the fifth studio album by . Released on November 9, 1973 by Columbia. Track Listing : 1.Going Home (Antonín Dvorák, Alice Coltrane, Santana Band) – 04:11 . 2.Love, Devotion & Surrender (Richard Kermode, Carlos Santana) – 03:38 . 3.Samba De Sausalito (José Areas) – 03:11 . 4.When I Look Into Your Eyes […]