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We remember Lou Reed. ‘Reed Loud and Clear’

This day (October 27, 2013), in Southampton, New York, U.S., died Lewis Allan Reed simply known as Lou Reed, American singer, songwriter,co-founder of the Velvet Underground before embarking in a long solo career Digest Tracklist : Sunday Morning (w/ The Velvet Underground, 1967) . Sister Ray (w/ The Velvet Underground,Boston Tea Party) . Walk on […]

RCA publish Lou Reed’s sixth solo album : ‘Coney Island Baby’…

Lou Reed’s ‘Coney Island Baby’ is his sixth solo album recorded in New-York and released on January 19, 1976 by RCA Track Listing : 1.Crazy Feeling (Lou Reed) – 02:56 . 2.Charley’S Girl (Lou Reed) – 02:36 . 3.She’S My Best Friend (Lou Reed) – 06:00 . 4.Kicks (Lou Reed) – 06:06 . 5.A Gift […]