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Lou Reed releases ‘Ecstasy,’ his final album (2000)

Lou Reed’s ‘Ecstasy’ is his eighteenth (and final) solo album released on April 4, 2000 by Sire. Track Listing : 1.Paranoia Key Of E (Lou Reed) – 04:28 . 2.Mystic Child (Lou Reed) – 05:01 . 3.Mad (Lou Reed) – 04:29 . 4.Ecstasy (Lou Reed) – 04:25 . 5.Modern Dance (Lou Reed) – 04:09 . […]

This week In ’80s Throwback’ Videos 34

Bob Dylan & Tom Petty, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Whitney Houston, Icehouse, Midnight Oil, Joe Jackson, Michael McDonald, Al Jarreau, Elvis Costello & The Attractions, U2, Laurie Anderson. They are the ’80s Throwback’ Videos artists selected among the 219 Posts we publish this week. Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy! Tracklist 1 […]

Warner Bros. publish Laurie Anderson’s second album : ‘Mister…

Laurie Anderson’s ‘Mister Heartbreak’ is her second album released on February 14, 1984 by Warner Bros. Track Listing : 1.Sharkey’S Day (Laurie Anderson) – 07:41 . 2.Langue D’Amour (Laurie Anderson) – 06:12 . 3.Gravity’S Angel (Laurie Anderson) – 06:02 . 4.Kokoku (Laurie Anderson) – 07:03 . 5.Excellent Birds (Laurie Anderson, Peter Gabriel) – 03:12 . […]

Singing With Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel whose birthday is today – Happy Birthday BTW – has performed with a myriad of artists of all genres, either on records or in concerts. We have selected fifteen of them : Chris Martin, Kate Bush, Sinéad O’Connor, Jivan Gasparyan, Brian May, Johnny Clegg, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), Papa Wemba, Laurie Anderson, Angun, […]

We remember Lou Reed. ‘Reed Loud and Clear’

This day (October 27, 2013), in Southampton, New York, U.S., died Lewis Allan Reed simply known as Lou Reed, American singer, songwriter,co-founder of the Velvet Underground before embarking in a long solo career Digest Tracklist : Sunday Morning (w/ The Velvet Underground, 1967) . Sister Ray (w/ The Velvet Underground,Boston Tea Party) . Walk on […]

Laurie Anderson releases ‘Big Science’ featuring ‘O…

Laurie Anderson’s ‘Big Science’ feat. ‘O Superman’ is her debut album released on April 19, 1982 by Warner Bros.. Track Listing : 1.From The Air (Laurie Anderson) – 04:29 . 2.Big Science (Laurie Anderson) – 06:25 . 3.Sweaters (Laurie Anderson) – 02:18 . 4.Walking & Falling (Laurie Anderson) – 02:10 . 5.Born, Never Asked (Laurie […]