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This week In New Music Videos 58

Billie Eilish, Ásgeir, Lolo Zouaï, ROSALÍA, Brandy Clark, Ricky Martin, Hayley Williams, Disturbed, Pearl Jam, Desure, The Goo Goo Dolls, Wolf Parade are the performers of the twelve brand new songs that caught, these past days, our interest and musical or visual liking. Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy! Tracklist 1 . […]

Weather Report record their first live album : ‘Live in Tokyo’ at…

Weather Report’s ‘Live in Tokyo’ is their third (and first live) album recorded on January 13, 1972 at Shibuya Kokaido Hall and released the same year by Columbia. Track Listing : 1.Medley: Vertical Invader, Seventh Arrow, T.H., Doctor Honoris Causa (Miroslav Vitous, Josef Zawinul) – 26:14 . 2.Medley: Surucucú, Lost, Early Minor, Directions (Wayne Shorter, […]

Bryan Ferry releases his fifteenth album : ‘Avonmore ‘ (2014)

Bryan Ferry’s ‘Avonmore ‘ is his fifteenth studio album released on November 17, 2014 by Bmg Rights Management. Track Listing : 1.Loop De Li (Bryan Ferry) – 04:18 . 2.Midnight Train (Bryan Ferry) – 03:49 . 3.Soldier Of Fortune (Bryan Ferry, Johnny Marr) – 04:25 . 4.Driving Me Wild (Bryan Ferry) – 03:37 . 5.A […]

Epic publish Korn’s second album : ‘Life Is Peachy’ (1996)

Korn’s ‘Life Is Peachy’ is their second studio album produced by Ross Robinson and released on October 15, 1996 by Immortal Records / Epic Records. Track Listing : 1.Twist (Korn) – 00:49 . 2.Chi (Korn) – 03:54 . 3.Lost (Korn) – 02:55 . 4.Swallow (Korn) – 03:38 . 5.Porno Creep (Korn) – 02:01 . 6.Good […]

Bublé on TV

Michael Bublé, the ever charming Canadian crooner is the perfect candidate for any television show. So here he is all over the world, songs, interviews and quirkiness, wife, kid, perfume all included. “Buble on TV” is a must for every Michael’s fan.

Maxwell releases his fifth album : ‘blackSUMMERS’night’ (2016)

Maxwell’ s ‘blackSUMMERS’night’ is his fifth studio album co-produced with Hod David and released on July 1, 2016 by Columbia Records Track Listing : 1.All The Ways Love Can Feel (Musze, Hod David, Travis Sayles) – 05:21 . 2.The Fall (Musze, Hod David, Sayles, Shedrick Mitchell) – 04:11 . 3.Iii (Musze, Hod David) – 04:47 […]

Geffen release ‘The Cure,’ their self titled twelfth album featuring…

‘The Cure’ is their eponymous twelfth studio album recorded in Los Angeles and released on 29 June 2004 by Geffen. Track Listing : 1.Lost (Robert Smith, Perry Bamonte, Simon Gallup, Jason Cooper, Roger O’Donnell) – 04:07 . 2.Labyrinth (Robert Smith, Perry Bamonte, Simon Gallup, Jason Cooper, Roger O’Donnell) – 05:14 . 3.Before Three (Robert Smith, […]

Cassandra Wilson releases ‘Thunderbird,’ an album produced By T-Bone…

Cassandra Wilson’s ‘Thunderbird’ is an album produced By T-Bone Burnett and released on April 4, 2006 by Blue Note. Track Listing : 1.Go To Mexico (Keith Ciancia, Mike Elizondo, Zigaboo Modeliste, Art Neville, Leo Nocentelli, George Porter, Jr, Cassandra Wilson) – 04:14 . 2.Closer To You (Jakob Dylan) – 05:49 . 3.Easy Rider (Traditional) – […]

Wayne Shorter records ‘The Soothsayer’ with Freddie Hubbard, James…

Wayne Shorter’s ‘The Soothsayer’ is his seventh album recorded on March 4, 1965 and released in 1979 by Blue Note. Track Listing : 1.Lost (Wayne Shorter) – 07:20 . 2.Angola (Wayne Shorter) – 04:56 . 3.The Big Push (Wayne Shorter) – 08:23 . 4.The Soothsayer (Wayne Shorter) – 09:40 . 5.Lady Day (Wayne Shorter) – […]