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Snarky Puppy tape a DVD in Brooklyn (2011)

December 16, 2011 – Snarky Puppy – that is Shaun Martin (Moog), Bill Laurance (org), Cory Henry (kb), Justin Stanton (kb), Mark Lettieri (g), Bob Lanzetti (g), Chris McQueen (g), Michael League (b), Nate Werth (perc), Keita Ogawa (perc), Marcelo Woloski (perc), Robert “Sput” Searight (d), Andy Hunter (tb), Jay Jennings (tp), Mike Maher (tp), […]

Snarky Puppy visit Boston (2014)

September 28, 2014 – Snarky Puppy – that is Chris Bullock (ts), Mike Maher (tp), Justin Stanton (tp, kb), Nate Werth (perc), Michael League (b), Cory Henry (kb), Robert “Sput” Searight (d), Bob Lanzetti (g) and Mark Lettieri (g) – plus Tia Fuller on saxophone will share the stage at Berklee Performance Center in Boston, […]

Snarky Puppy visit Marseille (2016)

July 26, 2016 – Snarky Puppy – that is Michael League (b), Chris Bullock (ts, fl, clarin, b clarin), Mike “Maz” Maher (tp, flug), Justin Stanton (tp, kb), Bill Laurence (kb), Shaun Martin (kb), Bob Lanzetti (g), Marcelo Woloski (perc) & Larnell Lewis (d) – plus Christian Scott & band for the encore will be […]

Snarky Puppy perform in Philadelphia (2018)

June 29, 2018 – Snarky Puppy – that is Michael League (b), Justin Stanton (kb, tp), Mike “Maz” Maher (tp,flug), Chris Bullock (ts, fl), Marcelo Woloski (perc), Larnell Lewis (d), Mark Lettieri (g), Bobby Ray Sparks (kb), Shaun Martin (kb) – will be on stage at The Fillmore in Philadelphia

Snarky Puppy release ‘Culcha Vulcha’ produced By Michael League…

Snarky Puppy‘s ‘Culcha Vulcha’ is their eleventh (and first in eight years) “true” studio album released on April 29, 2016 by Groundup Music. Track Listing : 1.Tarova (Michael League) – 03:40 . 2.Semente (Michael League) – 07:12 . 3.Gemini (Justin Stanton) – 05:16 . 4.Grown Folks (Michael League) – 07:58 . 5.Beep Box (Chris Bullock) […]

Snarky Puppy are in Brooklyn (2013)

April 4, 2013 – Snarky Puppy – that is Robert Sput Searight (d), Nate Werth (perc), Keita Ogawa (perc), Bob Lanzetti (g), Chris Bullock (ts), Mike Maher (tp), Justin Stanton (tp, kb), Cory Henry (kb) and Michael League (b) – performs at Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, NY

Snarky Puppy – Family Dinner Vol. 2

Released on February 12, 2016, “Family Dinner – Volume 2” is the tenth album by Snarky Puppy with various guest artists (David Crosby, Susana Baca, Charlie Hunter, Laura Mvula, etc.). Track Listing : 1.I Asked – 06:49 . 2.Molino Molero – 05:34 . 3.Liquid Love – 06:36. 4.Soro (Afriki) – 08:17 . 5.Sing To The […]

Snarky Puppy & Metropole Orkest – Sylva

Released on April 20, 2015, “Sylva” is “a dreamlike cinema-concept-album dedicated to the forest” created by Snarky Puppy and Holland’s famous Metropole Orkest v WATCH v LISTEN (Source Sylva | Snarky Puppy on BandFrame) v READ The Arts DeskAmbitious and imaginative US-Dutch collaboration thrills at every turn Penned by Snarky Puppy bassist and bandleader, Michael […]

Bill Laurance – Flint

Released in May 2014, “Flint” is the first solo album by Bill Laurance, featuring fellow Snarky Puppy members. Track Listing : 1.Neverending City (Bill Laurance) – 04:28 . 2.Money In The Desert (Bill Laurance) – 05:56 . 3.Flint (Bill Laurance) – 04:03 . 4.Swag Times (Bill Laurance) – 05:50 . 5.The Good Things (Bill Laurance) […]

Snarky Puppy – We Like It Here

Released in February 2014, “We Like It Here” is a live album by American band Snarky Puppy, recorded and filmed with a live studio audience over four nights in the Netherlands.