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Journey At Their Best

As we wish, today, guitarist Neal Schon a ‘Happy 65th Birthday,’ the time has come to playlist the ‘BESTS’ of his band : Journey

Chicago release their third (and double) album : ‘Chicago III’…

Chicago’s ‘Chicago III’ is their third studio album released as a double album on January 11, 1971. Track Listing : 1.Sing A Mean Tune Kid (Robert Lamm) – 09:13 . 2.Loneliness Is Just A Word (Robert Lamm) – 02:36 . 3.What Else Can I Say (Peter Cetera) – 03:12 . 4.I Don’T Want Your Money […]

Tori Amos releases her debut album : ‘Little Earthquakes’ featuring…

Tori Amos”Little Earthquakes’ is her debut solo album featuring ‘Silent All These Years’, ‘China’, ‘Winter’ and ‘Crucify’ and released in England on January 6, 1992 by East West/ Atlantic. Track Listing : 1.Crucify (Tori Amos) – 04:58 . 2.Girl (Tori Amos) – 04:06 . 3.Silent All These Years (Tori Amos) – 04:10 . 4.Precious Things […]

Singing Lennon

To Celebrate John Lennon, would have turned 78 today, we have selected twelve solo artists or bands who have covered his compositions. They are Kat Edmonson, Lou Reed, Bryan Ferry, David Gilmour, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Arcade Fire, Juanes, , Marianne Faithfull, Ringo Starr, Al Green, Queen, Paul Weller Here, they are reunited in one glorious […]

Island publish Burning Spear’s ‘Man in the Hills’ (1976)

Burning Spear’s ‘Man in the Hills’ is an album produced by Jack Ruby and released on August 18, 1976 by Island. Track Listing : 1.Man In The Hills (Winston Rodney) – 04:00 . 2.It’S Good (Philip Fullwood, Winston Rodney) – 02:45 . 3.No More War (Winston Rodney) – 03:19 . 4.Black Soul (Winston Rodney) – […]