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John McLaughlin records ‘Extrapolation,’ his debut album for…

John McLaughlin’s ‘Extrapolation’ is his debut album recorded on January 18, 1969 and released In 1969 by Marmalade Records. Track Listing : 1.Extrapolation (John Mclaughlin) – 02:57 . 2.It’S Funny (John Mclaughlin) – 04:25 . 3.Arjen’S Bag (John Mclaughlin) – 04:25 . 4.Pete The Poet (John Mclaughlin) – 05:00 . 5.This Is For Us To […]

Grateful Dead visit Philadelphia (1990)

September 10, 1990 – Grateful Dead – that is Jerry Garcia (g), Bob Weir (g), Phil Lesh (b), Brent Mydland (kb), Bill Kreutzman (d) and Mickey Hart (d) – perform at The Spectrum in Philadelphia PA

Dio rock Philadelphia (1986)

June 17, 1986 – Dio – that is Ronnie James Dio (voc), Jimmy Bain (b), Vinny Appice (d), Craig Goldy (g) and Claude Schnell (kb) – will be on stage at Spectrum in Philadelphia