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The Police are back … in Tokyo (2008)

<img src='// Police-Live-Tokyo-Dome-2008-HD.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>August 5, 2008 - back in action, The The Police will rock at Tokyo Dome, Japan

The Police come back to raid Tokyo (2008)

<img src='// Police-comes-back-to-raid-Tokyo-2008.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>February 13, 2008 - The (reformed) The Police will be on stage at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan

Elton John sits in with Eric Clapton in Tokyo (1988)

November 2, 1988 - Elton John sits in with Eric Clapton Band - that is Eric Clapton (g,voc), Mark Knopfler (g,voc), Alan Clark (kb), Nathan East (b, voc), Steve Ferrone (d), Ray Cooper (p), Tracy Ackerman and Tessa Niles (bk voc) - at…