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We remember Lou Reed. ‘Reed Loud and Clear’

This day (October 27, 2013), in Southampton, New York, U.S., died Lewis Allan Reed simply known as Lou Reed, American singer, songwriter,co-founder of the Velvet Underground before embarking in a long solo career Digest Tracklist : Sunday Morning (w/ The Velvet Underground, 1967) . Sister Ray (w/ The Velvet Underground,Boston Tea Party) . Walk on […]

This week In ’80s Throwback’ 27

Prince, Paul McCartney, Basia, Depeche Mode, Bob Dylan, Yes, Ringo Starr, Lou Reed, Duran Duran, Jethro Tull, R.E.M., Sting. They are the ’80s Throwback’ artists selected among the 310 Posts we publish this week. Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy! Tracklist 1 . Prince – 1999 Lifted from : Warner Bros. publish […]