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Natalie Cole releases ‘Inseparable,’ her debut album (1975)

Natalie Cole’s ‘Inseparable’ is her debut (and first gold-certified) studio album released on May 11, 1975 by Capitol. Track Listing : 1.Needing You (Chuck Jackson, Marvin Yancy) – 02:45 . 2.Joey (Chuck Jackson, Marvin Yancy) – 02:57 . 3.Inseparable (Chuck Jackson, Marvin Yancy) – 02:26 . 4.I Can’T Say No (Chuck Jackson, Marvin Yancy) – […]

Hard Rockers Special New Music Videos 07

Every day we watch tons of videos. Among them we have selected for the week, twelve brand new songs by hard rock, metal, etc. bands that caught our interest and liking. They are Enforcer, Steel Prophet, Paragon, Belzebubs, Dead By Wednesday, Meytal, Lost In Kiev, Ringworm, Druids, Born Of Osiris, Helms Alee, Sister Shotgun Here, […]

Radiohead release ‘Pablo Honey,’ their debut album featuring…

Radiohead’s ‘Pablo Honey’ is their debut studio album released on February 22, 1993 by Parlophone. Track Listing : 1.You (Radiohead) – 03:29 . 2.Creep (Radiohead) – 03:56 . 3.How Do You? (Radiohead) – 02:12 . 4.Stop Whispering (Radiohead) – 05:26 . 5.Thinking About You (Radiohead) – 02:41 . 6.Anyone Can Play Guitar (Radiohead) – 03:38 […]

Singing with Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra whose birthday is today, has duetted with a myriad of artists We have selected thirteen of them : Bing Crosby, Sammy Davis Jr, Louis Armstrong, Dinah Shore, Doris Day, Nancy Sinatra, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Elvis Presley, Judy Garland, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald , Liza Minelli Here, they are reunited in one […]

R.E.M. release their ninth album : ‘Monster’ featuring…

R.E.M.’s ‘Monster’ is their ninth studio album released on September 27, 1994 by Warner Bros. Track Listing : 1.What’S The Frequency, Kenneth? (Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Michael Stipe) – 04:00 . 2.Crush With Eyeliner (Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Michael Stipe) – 04:39 . 3.King Of Comedy (Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike […]