Columbia publish Taj Mahal’s second album : ‘The Natch’l Blues’ (1968)

Taj Mahal‘s ‘The Natch’l Blues’ is his second studio album released on December 23, 1968 by Columbia.


Columbia publish Taj Mahal’s second album : ‘The Natch’l Blues’ (1968)

Track Listing : 1.Good Morning Miss Brown (Taj Mahal) – 03:13 . 2.Corinna (Mahal, Jesse Ed Davis) – 02:59 . 3.I Ain’T Gonna Let Nobody Steal My Jellyroll (Taj Mahal) – 03:12 . 4.Going Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue (Taj Mahal) – 03:34 . 5.Done Changed My Way Of Living (Taj Mahal) – 07:02 . 6.She Caught The Katy And Left Me A Mule To Ride (Taj Mahal, Yank Rachell) – 03:27 . 7.The Cuckoo (Traditional) – 04:13 . 8.You Don’T Miss Your Water (‘Til Your Well Runs Dry) (William Bell) – 04:23 . 9.Ain’T That A Lot Of Love (Homer Banks, Deanie Parker) – 03:59

Musicians : Jesse Ed Davis – Guitar, Piano, Brass Arrangements . Gary Gilmore – Bass . Chuck Blackwell – Drums . Al Kooper – Piano . Earl Palmer – Drums

Production : Produced By David Rubinson . Sy Mitchell – Engineer

Package : Stanley Crouch – Liner Notes

Recorded May 1968–October 1968.

Released On December 23, 1968 By Columbia.

(Source Taj Mahal – The Natch’l Blues | Official website)


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The key to its greatness lies in the effortless down-home vibe of the tracks, which comes courtesy of the five-star studio band and Mahal’s particular abilities. […]

Most notable, however, may be “You Don’t Miss Your Water (‘Til Your Well Runs Dry)” and “Ain’t That a Lot of Love,” which offer Taj Mahal working in the realm of soul and treading onto Otis Redding territory. […]

Their reinvention of “corrina” is just wonderful with some great bass from gary gilmore and harmonica from taj and jesse ed davis’s insistent guitar work on “done changed my way of thinking” propells the whole track and the late great earl palmer’s drumming and al koopers keyboards throughout just make the record a joy to listen to . […]


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