Taj Mahal records ‘The Real Thing,’ a live album at Fillmore East, New York City (1971)

Taj Mahal‘s ‘The Real Thing’ is a live album recorded on February 13, 1971 at Fillmore East, New York City with a band with four tuba players and released the same year by Columbia.


Taj Mahal records ‘The Real Thing,’ a live album at Fillmore East, New York City (1971)

1 . Fishin Blues

2 . Fishin Blues (Amoeba)

3 . Sweet Mama Janisse

4 . Going Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue

5 . Youre Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond (LRBC, 2011 )

6 . Tom+Sally Drake (Laffayette La., 5/30/13)

7 . Diving Duck Blues (w/ Eric Bibb )

8 . Done Changed My Way Of Living (Live)

9 . Blues Aint Nothin (w/ Flávio Guimarães & André Christovam, Heineken Concerts, 2000)

10 . She Caught The Katy (w/ Todd Rundgren, “Night Music,” 10/29/89)

Taj Mahal – The Real Thing

Track Listing : 1.Fishin’ Blues (Henry Thomas) – 02:58 . 2.Ain’T Gwine To Whistle Dixie (Any Mo’) (Taj Mahal, Jesse Ed Davis, Gary Gilmore, Chuck Blackwell) – 09:11 . 3.Sweet Mama Janisse (Taj Mahal) – 03:32 . 4.Going Up To The Country And Paint My Mailbox Blue (Taj Mahal) – 03:24 . 5.Big Kneed Gal (Taj Mahal) – 05:34 . 6.You’Re Going To Need Somebody On Your Bond (Blind Willie Johnson) – 06:13 . 7.Tom And Sally Drake (Taj Mahal) – 03:39 . 8.Diving Duck Blues (Sleepy John Estes) – 03:46 . 9.John, Ain’ It Hard (Taj Mahal) – 05:30 . 10.She Caught The Katy (And Left Me A Mule To Ride) (Taj Mahal, Yank Rachell) – 04:08

Musicians : Taj Mahal – Vocals, Blues Harp, Chromatic Harmonica, National Steel-Bodied Guitar, Five-String Guitar(Banjo), Fife . Howard Johnson – Tuba, Baritone Saxophone . Bob Stewart – Tuba, Flugelhorn, Trumpet . Joseph Daley – Tuba, Valve Trombone . Earle Mcintyre – Tuba, Bass Trombone . Bill Rich – Electric Bass . John Simon – Piano, Electric Piano . John Hall – Electric Guitar . Greg Thomas – Drums . Kwasi “Rocky” Dzidzournu – Congas

Production : Produced By David Robinson . Jen Wyler – Mixing . Vic Anesini – Mastering

Package : Bruce Steinberg – Cover Design, Photography . Don Peterson – Photography . Fred Lombardi – Photography . Howard Fritzson – Art Direction . Stanley Crouch – Liner Notes

Recorded On February 13, 1971 At Fillmore East, New York City.

Released In 1971 By Columbia.

(Source Taj Mahal – The Real Thing | Official Website)


Tiny Mix Tape
The brilliance of Taj Mahal lies in the fact that he realized the blues was not a frozen style preserved in a formaldehyde of Delta dust and urban grit, but rather a template to apply any number of variations to. […]

While at times they tend to overpower the usually intimate nature of the performances, that is certainly not the case for the majority of the arrangements. […]

Robert Christgau
Lots of fun, but as you might expect, things get very loose, especially when the tubists lay their burdens down […]


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