Taj Mahal records for Columbia records, his self-titled debut album : ‘Taj Mahal’ (1967)

‘Taj Mahal’ is his eponymous debut album recorded in August 1967.

Track Listing : 1.Leaving Trunk (Sleepy John Estes) – 04:51 . 2.Statesboro Blues (Blind Willie Mctell) – 02:59 . 3.Checkin’ Up On My Baby (Sonny Boy Williamson) – 04:55 . 4.Everybody’S Got To Change Sometime (Sleepy John Estes) – 02:57 . 5.Ez Rider (Taj Mahal) – 03:04 . 6.Dust My Broom (Robert Johnson) – 02:39 . 7.Diving Duck Blues (Sleepy John Estes) – 02:42 . 8.The Celebrated Walkin’ Blues (Traditional) – 08:52

Baron Wolman

Musicians : Taj Mahal – Guitar, Harp, Vocals, Slide Guitar . Ry Cooder – Rhythm Guitar And Mandolin . Bill Boatman – Rhythm Guitar . James Thomas – Bass . Gary Gilmore – Bass . Sanford Konikoff – Drums . Charles Blackwell – Drums . Jesse Ed Davis – Lead Guitar

Guy Webster

Production : Produced By Bob Irwin, David Rubinson

Package : Baron Wolman asterisques RVM – Photography . Guy Webster asterisques RVM – Photography . Don Peterson – Photography . Howard Fritzson – Art Direction . Stanley Crouch – Liner Notes

Recorded In August 1967.

Released In 1968 By Columbia.


Robert Christgau
The former Henry Saint Claire Fredericks wasn’t just the most prominent young African-American of the blues revival. He was its most credible voiceand more–forty years later, he’s clearly an original stylist already in bloom. […]

Seattle_Junkie_Queen @ RateYourMusic
In terms of sheer power, “Leaving Trunk” is one of the top electric blues cuts ever. I first heard about Taj Mahal when I was lurking MySpace profilesand I came across a profile with that song on itand something about it just spoke to me. […]

The whole record is a strange and compelling amalgam of stylistic and technical achievements — filled with blues influences of the 1930s and 1940s, but also making use of stereo sound separation and the best recording technology. […]

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