Talking Heads release ‘Little Creatures,’ their sixth album featuring ‘Road to Nowhere’ (1985)

Talking Heads’ ‘Little Creatures’ is their sixth (and biggest-selling) studio album released on June 10, 1985 by Warner Bros./Sire.

Track Listing : 1.And She Was (David Byrne) – 03:36 . 2.Give Me Back My Name (David Byrne, Chris Frantz, Jerry Harrison, Tina Weymouth) – 3:20 . 3.Creatures Of Love (David Byrne) – 04:12 . 4.The Lady Don’T Mind (David Byrne, Chris Frantz, Jerry Harrison, Tina Weymouth) – 4:03 . 5.Perfect World (David Byrne, Chris Frantz) – 4:26 . 6.Stay Up Late (David Byrne) – 03:51 . 7.Walk It Down (David Byrne) – 04:42 . 8.Television Man (David Byrne) – 06:10 . 9.Road To Nowhere (David Byrne) – 04:19

Howard Finster

Musicians : Talking Heads – Band . David Byrne – Guitar, Vocals . Chris Frantz – Drums . Jerry Harrison – Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals . Tina Weymouth – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals . Ellen Bernfeld – Backing Vocals On (5 – 7) . Andrew Cader – Washboard On (9) . Jimmy Macdonell – Accordion On (9) . Lenny Pickett – Saxophones . Steve Scales – Percussion . Naná Vasconcelos – Percussion On (5) . Eric Weissberg – Steel Guitar On (3 – 7) . Kurt Yahijian – Backing Vocals . Gordon Grody – Backing Vocals . Lani Groves – Backing Vocals . Diva Gray – Backing Vocals On (9) . Erin Dickens – Backing Vocals On (8 – 9)

Jim Blashfield

Production : Produced By Talking Heads Jack Skinner – Mastering . Eric Thorngren – Engineer, Mixing . Melanie West – Second Engineer

Package : Neil Selkirk – Photography . Rev. Howard Finster asterisques RVM – Painting

Video Director(s) : David Byrne and Stephen R. Johnson for “Road to Nowhere” . Jim Blashfield asterisques RVM for “And She Was”

Recorded October 1984 – March 1985 At Sigma Sound Studios, New York.

Released On June 10, 1985 By Warner Bros./Sire.

 Talking Heads


Rolling Stone
With the instrumentation pared to a crisp, basal role, the focus shifts back to Byrne’s lyrics. They are mostly narrative, as opposed to the cut-up imagery he has recently favoredand anyone who was surprised by the mature warmth Chrissie Hynde showed on the Pretenders’ Learning to Crawl will be amazed by what Byrne’s lyrics suggest. […]
When Talking Heads fans discuss the band’s catalog, 1985’s Little Creatures is often treated like a punching bag. This is where the band started to go downhill, they’ll say. This is the worst Talking Heads album by a mile! What makes this all so weird is that, well, Little Creatures is actually pretty great! […]

Little Creatures sported the outstanding single And She Was, but is otherwise a staid, composed effort. Where once there were once loose grooves, there was now noticeable stiffnessand the music feels beholden to pre-established concepts rather than allowed to form through free-associative interplay. […]


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