Sire publish ‘Talking Heads: 77,’ their debut album featuring ‘Psycho Killer’ (1977)

‘Talking Heads: 77’ is their debut (featuring ‘Psycho Killer’) album released on September 16, 1977 by Sire.

Track listing : 1.Uh-Oh, Love Comes to Town (David Byrne) – 02:48 . 2.New Feeling (David Byrne) – 03:09 . 3.Tentative Decisions (David Byrne) – 03:04 . 4.Happy Day (David Byrne) – 03:55 . 5.Who Is It? (David Byrne) – 01:41 . 6.No Compassion (David Byrne) – 04:47 . 7.The Book I Read (David Byrne) – 04:06 . 8.Don’t Worry About the Government (David Byrne) – 03:00 . 9.First Week/Last Week…Carefree (David Byrne) – 03:19 . 10.Psycho Killer (David Byrne, Chris Frantz, Tina Weymouth) 4:19 . 11.Pulled Up (David Byrne) – 04:29 .

Mick Rock

Musicians : Talking Heads – . David Byrne – Guitar, Vocals . Chris Frantz – Drums . Jerry Harrison – Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals . Tina Weymouth – Bass Guitar .

Production Produced by Tony Bongiovi, Lance Quinn and Talking Heads . Ed Stasium – Engineer . Joe Gastwirt – Mastering .

Package : David Byrne – Cover Design . Mick Rock asterisques RVM – Photography .

Recorded 1976–1977 at Sundragon Studios, New York City .

Released on September 16, 1977 by Sire.


Robert Christgau
Personally, I was even more put off by lyrics that fleshed out the Heads’ post-Jonathan Richman, so-hip-we’re-straight image; when David Byrne says “don’t worry about the government,” the irony is that he’s not being ironic. […]

Wilson & Alroy’s Record Reviews
The problem is the limited nature of the arrangements: they had their space-conscious nerd-funk groove worked out, but without much technical facility, they end up using the same arpeggiated chords on track after track . In small doses it’s great, but after a whole album – at roughly the same tempo – may start to feel like water torture. […]

Rolling Stone
For me, the direct, crisp, jaunty Talking Heads and the abstracted, unrestrained, fiery Television stand as the Beatles and Rolling Stones of the restless, displaced Seventies. Not only is this a great album, it’s also one of the definitive records of the decade.= […]


‘Talking Heads: 77’


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