Teddy Pendergrass releases his third album : ‘Teddy’ featuring ‘Turn Off the Lights’ (1979)

Teddy Pendergrass’ ‘Teddy’ is his third album released on June 23, 1979 by Philadelphia International Records.

Track Listing : 1.Come Go With Me (Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff) – 05:49 . 2.Turn Off The Lights (Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff) – 05:56 . 3.I’Ll Never See Heaven Again (Leroy Bell, Casey James) – 04:47 . 4.All I Need Is You (Darnell Jordan, Sherman Marshall) – 04:34 . 5.If You Know Like I Know (Jerry Cohen, Gene Mcfadden, John Whitehead) – 05:02 . 6.Do Me (Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff) – 04:41 . 7.Set Me Free (Leroy Bell, Casey James) – 05:03 . 8.Life Is A Circle (Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff) – 05:50

Musicians : Teddy Pendergrass – Vocals . Bob Babbitt – Bass

Production : Produced By Thom Bell, Leon Huff, Kenny Gamble, Sherman Marshall, Gene Mcfadden . Anthony Bell, Jack Faith, Larry Gold , John L. Usry Jr., Dexter Wansel . Bruce Bluesteen – Assistant Engineer . Dirk Devlin – Engineer . Bill Dorman – Assistant Engineer . Jim Gallagher – Engineer . Frank Luria – Assistant Engineer . Joe Tarsia – Engineer

Arrangements : Anthony Bell, Jack Faith, Larry Gold , John L. Usry Jr., Dexter Wansel

Package : Frank Laffitte – Photography . David Nathan – Liner Notes

Recorded 1978–1979 At Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Released On June 23, 1979 By Philadelphia International Records.

 Teddy Pendergrass


Robert Christgau
Whether he’s flexing his chest at Madison Square Garden or inviting the (presumably female) listener into his shower, Teddy has a self-deprecating sense of humor that his obsessive male posturing tends to obscure. […]

Not a perfect album, but if you are a serious soul fan, you need to have the ballads. By now Teddy had a garage full of fancy cars and his own jet and he was selling out arenas like Madison Square Garden. […]

As such, Teddy does foreshadow Pendergrass’ drift toward mass-market studiocraft, but he’s far from being formulaic here on Teddy, where he’s still ablaze and bearing the distinct mark of top-shelf Philly International. […]


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Teddy Pendergrass’ ‘Teddy’


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